Jasmine Roth Religion – Is She Jewish? Ethnicity And Parents

Jasmine Roth Religion

Jasmine Roth religion is a topic of discussion among the viewers, leading up to searches such as “Is She Jewish?”

Jasmine Roth, the California-based designer, and builder, has become a household name through her popular HGTV shows.

As the host of Hidden Potential for two seasons, she showcased her talent for turning ordinary houses into personalized dream homes.

In her series, “Help! I Wrecked My House,” the builder rescues failed DIY projects and transforms them into beautiful, functional spaces.

The home designer’s talent and dedication earned her victory in season 2 of HGTV’s Rock the Block competition.

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Jasmine Roth Religion – Is She Jewish?

As the home designer is a known TV personality, it is a given that people, mainly her fans, become curious about her personal life.

And one of those is Jasmine Roth religion, which is one of the most frequently asked questions about her life.

According to multiple online reports, it is stated that Jasmine Roth religion is said to be Jewish, as she is known to be a devout follower of Judaism.

Jasmine Roth Religion
Jasmine Roth religion is said to be Jewish. (Source: heavy.)

It is speculated that Roth likely acquired her faith from her parents, as is often the case for many individuals.

While there is no specific mention of her religion in news reports or on her social media, her ethnic background does include Jewish heritage.

However, religion is a personal and sensitive topic, and unless the designer herself openly discusses or provides statements about her faith, we cannot confirm her exact religious beliefs.

Jasmine Roth Ethnicity 

Roth has an interesting ethnic background that comes from her family history.

Originally known as Jasmine Yrizzarry, she changed her last name to Roth when she got married to Brett Roth.

The builder’s ethnic roots can be traced back to her Jewish-Germanic ancestry.

This means that her family has both Jewish and Germanic heritage.

Jasmine Roth Religion
Jasmine Roth’s ethnic background is part Jewish and part Germanic. (Source: abcnews)

Jewish heritage is connected to the religion of Judaism and has a rich history and special traditions.

While Germanic influence represents the cultural aspects of the Germanic people, who have contributed to the customs, language, and traditions in different parts of Europe.

Roth’s diverse ethnicity shows the multicultural society she lives in.

With her Jewish-Germanic background and being identified as white, the builder appreciates her heritage while pursuing her career as a well-known home renovator and TV personality.

Jasmine Roth Parents

Jasmine was born on September 17, 1984, in Virginia, USA. Her mother’s name is Terry Mueller, but her father’s identity is not known to the public.

During her childhood, she spent a lot of time in rural Virginia with her father, who was a talented carpenter.

Growing up with him, she learned many valuable skills and gained insights into the world of construction and home improvement.

Her father’s expertise in carpentry played a significant role in fueling her passion for renovating and transforming homes.

The designer also has two siblings, an older brother and a younger sister, with whom she shared her early years.

Jasmine first met her now-husband, Brett, while they were in college.

Initially, they were roommates, and over time, they developed a romantic relationship, starting in 2006.

Jasmine Roth Religion
Jasmine Roth is married to Brett Roth. (Source: housedigest)

They eventually got married on September 7, 2013.

Brett, who has his own business, fully supports the builder’s passion for home renovation and doesn’t seek attention on television.

In October 2019, the couple happily announced that they were expecting their first child.

Their daughter, Hazel Lynn Roth, was born on April 21, 2020.

Becoming parents has brought immense joy to their lives and further strengthened their bond as a couple.

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