Janella Salvador Tattoo Meaning And Design: How Many Does She Have?

Janella Salvador Tattoo

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Filipino actress and singer Janella Salvador rose to prominence in the entertainment scene for her diverse skill set.

Debuting in the hit morning drama “Be Careful with My Heart,” Salvador went on to lead roles in several television series, including “Oh My G!,” “Born for You,” “So Connected,” and “The Killer Bride.”

Notably, Janella portrayed the Mars Ravelo supervillain Valentina in the iconic Filipino character Darna.

Moreover, the emerging Filipino star has earned acclaim for her performances, showcasing her skills as both an actress and a singer in the entertainment scene.

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Janella Salvador Tattoo Meaning And Design

Beautiful actress Janella Salvador reveals snake tattoo in swimsuit photos. Likewise, the Filipino star has yet another on her hip, as an artful tattoo which she revealed recently on her Instagram handle.

Salvadors’ fans caught a glimpse of the snake ink as the actress-singer shared snaps of her El Nido getaway.

Two snaps from the set show her lounging in a swimsuit, with a view of the tattoo on her left hip.

Despite indicating the tattoo meant that she loved the character, Salvador, 25, did not mention when she got inked with the snake image.

Reportedly, Salvador has two pet snakes: Versace and Valentino, which she first introduced in late 2021. Salvador introduced her pets after she was announced as the actress to portray the serpent queen Valentina in “Mars Ravelo’s Darna.”

Janella Salvador Tattoo Meaning
Janella Salvador Tattoo: The mesmerizing Filipino actress reveals snake tattoo in swimsuit. (Source: Instagram)

Salvador’s sultry yet layered take on the character went on to become a beloved and trending performance.

Also, Salvador’s scenes of Valentina frequently go viral along with those showing her screen chemistry with Darna, portrayed by Jane de Leon.

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How Many Tattoos Does Janella Salvador Have?

Actress Janella Salvador had already planned on getting a tattoo that would pay homage to her character in the show.

In an August 2022 interview on “Kapamilya Chat,” Salvador revealed affirmatively if she would consider an ink depicting a snake. She said:

Siyempre, is my most iconic role. Malay niyo, andiyan na pala!

However, the serpent wasn’t the only visible tattoo in Salvador’s recent Instagram post as the star also put on display the previously known rainbow stripes on her left ear.

Janella Salvador Latest Update: Breakup Rumors With Markus Paterson Explored

Versatile actress Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson remain a celebrated couple in the public eye. However, the two find themselves at the center of breakup rumors, adding a new chapter to their relationship.

While neither of the two has explicitly confirmed the alleged separation, Janella’s recent statements and actions have fueled speculation.

In an interview with Bernadette Sembrano, Janella announced that she is now a “single mom,” hinting towards a significant shift in her personal life, speculation ensues.

This revelation and the absence of social media updates featuring Paterson intensified the breakup rumors.

The couple, who previously shared glimpses of their life on several platforms, now faces the challenges of navigating public scrutiny amid rumors and personal changes.

Janella Salvador Tattoo Latest Update
Janella Salvador Tattoo: The famous Filipino star hints at a breakup, becoming a “single mom.” (Source: Philippine Star)

Janella Salvador’s abuse controversy came to public attention when the star accused her onscreen partner, Elmo Magalona, of physical abuse in October 2018.

Likewise, she revealed in an exclusive interview with entertainment reporter Ricky Lo that she was mistreated by Magalona twice.

The first incident took place when Magalona, under the influence of alcohol, mistreated her, and the second occurred during an argument after attending a party where both had been drinking.

Janella revealed that she fought back against Magalona’s disrespectful attitude and slapping him. Similarly, both the co-stars sought help from psychiatrists in the aftermath of the abuse.

Janella eventually focused on self-healing and repairing her relationship with her mother, emphasizing that she could not tolerate the harm caused by her co-star.

The revelation sparked controversy and several debates regarding abuse in co-worker relationships, highlighting the importance of speaking out against such behaviors.

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