Jan Maria Tomaszewski Wikipedia And Wiek: How Old Is Jarosław Kaczyński Cousin?

Jan Maria Tomaszewski Wikipedia

Jan Maria Tomaszewski Wikipedia reveals the illustrious career and life of the legendary Polish goalkeeper, who gained fame for his exceptional performance for the national team in the 1970s.

He stood as a stalwart preventing opponents from finding the back of the net throughout numerous international fixtures across that storied decade.

He rose to international prominence during the 1974 World Cup where his spectacular goalkeeping carried Poland to a surprise third-place finish.

For his heroic performances against England in the group stage, most notably, Tomaszewski was honored as the tournament’s Best Goalkeeper for how he had distinguished himself with miraculous saves.

Thanks to his acrobatic saves between the posts, showcasing stellar goaltending talents, allowed Poland’s national team to narrowly seize a silver medal at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Later that same year he was also granted the prestigious honor of representing his country during the 1978 FIFA World Cup held in Argentina. 

Jan Maria Tomaszewski Wikipedia

The pivotal 1973 World Cup qualifier against England shall forever be revered as the crowning achievement of legendary Polish goalkeeper Jan Tomaszewski.

England needed to defeat Poland to qualify for the 1974 World Cup, but Tomaszewski stood in their way.

Before the match, Brian Clough had dismissed Tomaszewski as a “clown” in the media.

Jan Maria Tomaszewski Wikipedia
This is the precise moment when Jan made an incredible save against England, after which he became an adored national hero in Poland. (source: dailymail)

However, the Polish goalkeeper went on to stun England with his spectacular shot-stopping.

Despite intense pressure, Tomaszewski made save after save to keep Poland in the game.

His heroics enabled Poland to take a 1-0 lead before England equalized from the penalty spot.

Try as they might, England could not beat Tomaszewski again and the match ended 1-1.

This stunning result allowed Poland to advance to the World Cup at England’s expense.

Tomaszewski was rightly hailed as the man of the match for delivering an unbelievable goalkeeping display.

His perceived weakness became his greatest strength, as his performance against England remains one of the most iconic upsets in World Cup qualifying history.

Tomaszewski had the last laugh after being underestimated and branded a clown before the match.

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Jan Maria Tomaszewski Wiek: How Old Is Jarosław Kaczyński Cousin?

Jan Tomaszewski was born on 9 January 1948 in Wrocław, Poland, and is currently 76 years old.

He had a successful football career as a goalkeeper, playing mainly for ŁKS Łódź in Poland.

Jan Maria Tomaszewski Wikipedia
Jan is 2 years older than his cousin Kaczyński. (source: interia)

After starting his professional career in the 1960s, Tomaszewski was unable to play abroad until after the 1978 World Cup due to restrictions placed by Poland’s communist government.

In his 30s, he moved to Belgium and Spain before retiring in 1984 at age 36.

Tomaszewski is cousins with Jarosław Kaczyński, the current President of Poland’s Law and Justice party.

Kaczyński was born on 18 June 1949, making him 74 years old presently.

The two cousins were close growing up, bonding over their shared childhood before going their separate ways as adults.

Jan Maria Tomaszewski siblings

While footballer Jan Tomaszewski does not have any biological siblings, he considers his cousin Jarosław Kaczyński to be like a brother to him.

Their mothers were sisters, so Tomaszewski and Kaczyński grew up together and formed a close childhood bond.

Though they were not brothers by blood, the two treated each other as siblings, playing and spending most of their time together as they came of age.

Likewise, this fraternal relationship continued into adulthood, even as the cousins diverged into sports and politics respectively.

Tomaszewski pursued a successful football career, while Kaczyński became an influential conservative politician in Poland.

Despite their differing professions and lives, the familial tie between Tomaszewski and Kaczyński endured.

Moreover, they maintained their brotherly connection and remained steadfastly loyal to one another.

Though life led them on separate paths, the cousins cherished their special sibling-like relationship which gave them both a trusted family member to call brother.

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