James Moore Actor Wikipedia Family And Net Worth

James Moore actor Wikipedia

James Moore gained recognition for his involvement in several notable television productions. To learn about James Moore actor Wikipedia, read the article below.

He is particularly known for his appearances in the long-running British soap opera Emmerdale, which first aired in 1972.

The well-known actor contributed to Emmerdale Family Trees, a spin-off delving into characters and relationships in the Emmerdale universe.

He also displayed his skills on Celebrity Chase, a renowned quiz show where famous individuals compete against expert quizzers.

Through his diverse roles in these television programs, Moore has established himself as a familiar face in the entertainment industry.

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James Moore Actor Wikipedia

The netizens are eager to know about James Moore’s Wikipedia page, so here is what viewers need to know:

James Moore, a British actor, portrays the character Ryan Stocks in Emmerdale.

He joined the cast in June 2018, playing the role of Charity’s long-lost son, who was believed to have passed away 27 years ago.

James himself has ataxic cerebral palsy, the same disability that his character Ryan also has.

James Moore actor Wikipedia
James Moore actor Wikipedia page is not featured yet (Source: Instagram)

Hailing from Cheltenham, Moore identifies as an actor, musician, and vegan.

In addition to holding a photography degree, James has participated in the National Youth Theatre.

James, a passionate advocate for disability rights, recently took to Twitter to raise awareness about the lack of respect for disabled spaces on public transport.

He emphasized the importance of courtesy and understanding when accommodating disabled individuals.

Further details about James Moore on Wikipedia were unavailable when writing and publishing this article.

James Moore family

Social media has become a popular avenue for celebrities to offer glimpses into their personal lives, including details about their families.

However, upon reviewing James’ social media account, it is apparent that he has not shared extensive information about his parents, siblings, or their professions.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the popular English actor, James, is engaged to Sophie Edwards.

Their engagement took place on May 1, 2022, following several years of dating.

James Moore actor Wikipedia
James Moore is engaged to his long-term girlfriend, Sophie (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the couple recently celebrated their fourth anniversary together, which occurred three weeks prior to the publication of this article.

While James keeps a relatively private online presence regarding his family, his engagement and anniversary celebrations indicate the importance of his relationship with Sophie in his personal life.

Even though Sophie, the fiancee of James, is actively engaged on social media, she maintains a low profile and has set her Instagram account to private.

Although being a private individual, Sophie has been a constant source of support for James throughout his career journey. 

Due to their popularity, the duo receives admiration from their fans, which is evident through the presence of heartfelt and positive comments on their shared images.

James Moore net worth

As of now, the exact net worth of the actor and entertainer has not been publicly disclosed.

However, there is speculation among online users that his net worth could be around $1 million.

In addition, these figures are based on conjecture and may not be accurate.

James Moore actor Wikipedia
James Moore’s net worth is estimated at $1 million (approx.) (Source: Instagram)

The primary source of his earnings stems from his acting career and participation in various events.

Given the significant role of his acting endeavors, it is likely a major contributing factor to his potential financial success.

It’s worth mentioning that without official confirmation or a detailed financial statement, any estimations regarding his net worth should be regarded as speculative.

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