Jaime Jaquez Jr Sister Gabriela Jaquez, Brother And Family

Jaime Jaquez jr sister

Jaime Jaquez Jr sister, Gabriela Jaquaez, is also a rising sportsperson who was named co-MVP at the 2022 McDonald’s All-American Girls Game.

Jaime is a talented and skilled Mexican-American basketball player who plays for the Miami Heat.

He played college basketball at UCLA, where he was named a second-team All-American and the Pac-12 Player of the Year during his senior season 2023.

Jaquez earned multiple All-Pac-12 honors over college, including selections to the first team twice.

He was also named to the Pac-12 All-Defensive Team twice. The Heat selected Jaquez in the first round with the 18th overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

After falling late in the draft, he has earned the nickname “Juan Wick” as a nod to his Mexican heritage and impressive rookie play.

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Jaime Jaquez Jr Sister Gabriela Jaquez

Jaime Jaquez Jr sister, Gabriela, is also a basketball player like Jaime. Jaime and Gabriela’s parents, Angela and Jaime Jaquez, played basketball at Concordia University.

Gabriela has two brothers: an older brother named Jaime and a younger brother named Marcos.

Additionally, Gabriel, Jaime’s sister, hopes to emulate success in her basketball career.

Jaime Jaquez jr sister
                                                                    Jaime Jaquez and his sister, Gabriela, at his graduation (Source: Instagram)

Currently, her goal is to be one of the best college basketball players in the country at UCLA. Gabriela hopes to play professionally in the WNBA after completing her college education.

She aims to significantly contribute to the women’s basketball community by pursuing a WNBA career.

Jaime Jaquez Jr., brother

Jaime Jaquez Jr. comes from an athletic family. His parents, Angela and Jaime Jaquez Sr., met while playing basketball at Concordia University.

They passed on their love of sports to their three children: Jaime Jr., his sister Gabriela, and their younger brother Marcos.

Marcos Jaquez is pursuing sports like his older brother Jaime, who plays in the NBA for the Miami Heat.

He plays football as a defensive lineman for Camarillo High School in California. Based on his social media presence, especially on Instagram, it’s clear Marcos is dedicated to excelling in his sport.

Jaime Jaquez jr sister
                                                                  The fantastic picture of Jaquez siblings in one frame (Source: Instagram)

All three Jaquez siblings have been inspired to achieve in athletics by their parents’ sporting background.

Gabriela is playing college basketball at UCLA, hoping to make it to the WNBA one day. As the youngest, Marcos still has time to develop his talents and set his sights on a potential football career.

With the support and guidance of their parents, the Jaquez kids strive to make their mark in the world of sports.

Jaime Jaquez Jr. family

Jaime’s mom and dad, Angela and Jaime Sr., met while playing basketball at Concordia University.

His paternal grandfather, Ezequiel, played college basketball at Ventura Community College and Northern Arizona after immigrating to California from Mexico as a child.

Despite being born in Irvine, California, Jaquez grew up in Camarillo. His younger siblings are Marcos and Gabriela, who attended Camarillo High School.

With both his parents having athletic backgrounds, their support and guidance undoubtedly helped pave the way for Jaime Jr.’s success on the basketball court.

Basketball runs deep across multiple generations of the Jaquez family, and Jaime Jr. continues the legacy as a rising star in the sport.

Angela and Jaime Sr. must be thrilled to see all three kids thriving athletically.

While the parents laid the foundation for their college basketball careers, the Jaquez children took and ran with that ball. The family’s passion for sports lives on through the talented Jaquez trio.

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