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Jaden Smith has a  net worth of  $8 million as of 2024.

He is an American actor and singer who started his journey in Hollywood at a very young age.

Jaden’s remarkable acting debut as a child star was in “The Pursuit of Happyness” alongside Will Smith.

Smith grew up in a famous family with famous parents Will Smith and Jada Pinket Smith.

At a young age, he also got into skateboarding as a hobby which he often indulges himself in public.

Jaden Smith- net-worth-2021
Jaden Smith for a photoshoot.

After his debut movie as a child actor, Jaden starred in “The Karate Kid” alongside Jackie Chan in 2010.

With acting, Jaden is active in releasing music and has released songs and albums while taking time off acting.

In 2012, he made a song alongside Justin Beiber called “Never Say Never,” which made him renowned in the music industry.

Quick Facts

Let’s know Jaden Smith better,

Full Name Jaden Christopher Syre Smith
Nick Name Jaden, J Diggy
Age 26
Date of Birth July, 08,1998
Place of Birth Malibu, California, USA
Horoscope Cancer
Nationality American
Profession Actor, Singer, Dancer
Education New Village Leadership Academy
Height 5ft 8
Weight 65 kg
Father’s Name Will Smith
Mother’s Name Jada Pinkett Smith
Siblings Willow Smith, Trey Smith
Ethnicity Black
Color of eye Dark Brown
Color of hair Dark Brown
Religion Roman Catholicism
Genre of music Hip-hop
First album The Cool Café
First movie Men In Black II
Sexual Orientation Straight
Social Media Instagram Twitter Facebook
Net Worth $8 million
Update July, 2024

Jaden Smith: Net Worth and Income

Apart from growing up in a wealthy family, Jaden has made a net worth of $8 million for himself.

His net worth has reached a greater height at just 23 due to his acting and music career alongside his business venture.

For starters, he started acting at a young age, and apparently, Smith made $3 million from his role in “The Karate Kid.”

He was paid a salary of $1 million for the movie, and additionally, he earned $2 million bonuses after the movie’s success at the box office.

Jaden at MTV’s red carpet.

Further, he has starred in big blockbuster movies, which makes him millions now and then.

Smith has his own independent music record label, which means he keeps his revenue from music sales.

Talking about his music, he has multiple selling tracks that have sold a million copies in the USA and worldwide, which benefits his net worth.

Jaden’s music is certified as platinum-certified, that makes him a big amount of money.

Along with it, he tours worldwide frequently, and these gigs make him earn a huge amount of money through his ticket sales.

Jaden has also been performing at big festivals like Coachella as well as sold-out shows.

Smith is the owner of “JUST WATER,” The company makes big profits everywhere, earning millions every year.

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Jaden Smith: House and Cars


Jaden moved out of his parent’s home in 2017 and resides in his own home for now.

He owns a home worth $4 million in the Hidden Hills, California. The home is set to be inside a gated community.

The lavish home consists of five bedrooms and six bathrooms with a big garden full of vegetation.

Apparently, Jaden’s neighbors include Kardashians and other celebrities. And, his other neighbors complained about him for causing noise inside a quiet neighborhood.


Jaden Smith owns a Tesla Model X that is worth $121,190. He owned the car even before it was on the market.

The car’s range is at the estimation of 340 miles and is known for its quick acceleration and provides a high top speed. The car’s long-range is $96,190.

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Jaden Smith: Lifestyle and Vacation


Smith lives quite a lavish lifestyle as per his wealthy background and life in general.

He is known to spend a big amount of money on his shoes. Jaden flaunted an expensive pair of Nike Air Mags worth $200,000 in his music video for “Fallen.”

The sneakers are considered as one of the most expensive ones with a big price range.

But, given the high price, Jaden flaunted the shoes by kicking up dirt and showed off his moves with the shoes, which made sneakerheads cringe.

To add to his list of expensive buys, he once wore a hair tie worth $5000.

Cartier designed his hair tie with a price set up at $1650 each that Smith wore, costing him $5000.

In 2019, he spent his money on an expensive accessory with a brand new gold grill for his teeth.

Smith showing his new grills.

It included a big set of diamonds that cost him an amount of $50,000.

Apart from spending money on lavish items, Jaden spends his net worth on big and expensive parties every year.

His 21’st birthday party was held in Malibu with glamorous ensembles in the coastal town.


Jaden frequently vacations with his famous family at expensive locations.

He was seen vacationing in Italy, where he snorkeled by the ocean. Also, they went hiking to the active volcano, which seemed pretty adventurous.

Jaden’s father, Will, took multiple pics with his kids and posted them on Instagram.

The family made a video of their entire vacation that includes numerous pic underwater and expressed their grateful moments.

Jaden spent a big quality time apart from his and his family’s busy schedule.

Jaden Smith: Charity

Smith sent out a big vegan food truck from “I Love You” Restaurant to provide free vegan food to the homeless people.

The food truck is operating in Downtown L.A. to provide meals for people.

Later, after two years, he turned the truck into a full restaurant and distributed meals in LA.

Free Vegan Food Truck- Homeless
Jaden posing in front is his “I Love You” food truck

Through his “JUST Water” revenue, Jaden funded Flint, Michigan’s deployment of a mobile filtration system.

Through his brand “JUST Water,” he advocated providing clean water for the people who have access to just contaminated water.

Jaden, along with his mother, donated vegan hygiene products for the houseless community in Los Angeles.

In 2019, he donated the fourth water box for the flint community center.

Smith has been supporting Project Zambia and is a youth ambassador for it through which he helps orphans of Africa.

Movies, Investments, Endorsements, and Book Publication


Jaden has been actively playing in movies since a young age and has done tons of movies.

His debut movie was “Pursuit of Happyness” in 2006, still considered one of his top movies.

In 2008. he starred in “The Earth Stood Still,” a science-fiction drama alongside Keanu Reaves.

Another breakthrough role was in 2010’s “The Karate Kid,” which earned him many awards.

Further, he starred in 2013’s “After Earth,” a movie set in the 31st century with a plot idea of Jaden’s father, Will Smith.

He took a brief break from acting and returned to it in 2016 with Netflix’s “The Get Down.”

Smith also starred in the romantic drama “Life In a Year” alongside Cara Delevigne in 2020.

Jaden’s upcoming movie is “Karate Kid Film Series,” set to release this year.


He is the founder of “JUST Water” an eco-friendly company since 2015 that provides 100% spring water and has plant-based packaging with renewable materials.

The company is worth an amount of $100 million, which he launched with the help of his parents.

Jaden is a c0-founder of fashion brand MsftsRep. He co-founded the brand along with his sister Willow and brother Mateo.

The brand represents to dedicated to increasing consciousness of humanity with art and also science.

Jaden also started a record label company that rapper Jay Z backs up.

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Brand Endorsement

Jaden was the face of Louis Vuitton and starred in their Spring-Summer campaign in 2016.

Smith collaborated with New Balance in 2019 and appeared in their campaign “Runs in the Family.”

In 2020, he acted as New Balance’s ambassador and produced a vegan-friendly vision racer.

He launched sustainable footwear with the brand named “NB for Jaden Smith Vision Racer.”

In 2021, Jaden got enlisted for Levi’s first global campaign alongside other Gen Z influencers.

G-Star RAW partnered with him to launch its sustainable denim brand.

In 2021, Jaden was among other stars like Emma Stone for Louis Vuitton’s new campaign.

Book Publications

The talented actor and singer have co-written a book alongside Justin Bieber called “Never Say Never” in 2011.

Jaden also published “The Lego Ninjago Coloring Book: Great Coloring Pages.”

In 2015, news broke that Smith was writing a philosophy book that is yet to be published.

Jaden Smith: Career

Smith started his career as an actor in 2006 alongside his father, Will Smith.

For his role in that movie, Jaden received awards at the MTV Movie Awards at such young age.

In 2010, he did another movie, “The Karate Kid,” followed by starring alongside his father again in 2014 for “After Earth.”

After Earth” received bad reviews and did not do well at the box office.

Due to it, he took a break from acting and focused on his career as a singer.

Jaden Smith- Cover
Smith on the cover of “ICON.”

He revealed his mixtape “The Cool Cafe” in 2014 and started working on his debut album.

In 2017, he finally released his first album “Syre” followed by “Syre: The Electric Album.”

His second album, “Erys,” came out in 2019, and he has been actively releasing multiple singles.

Eventually, he returned to acting in 2017 through Netflix’s series “The Get Down.”

Jaden starred alongside Cara Delevigne for a young adult movie “Life in a Year.”

3 Facts about Jaden Smith

  1. Jaden Smith was named after his mom Jada Pinkett Smith.
  2. He dated a famous personality, Kylie Jenner, around 2013.
  3. Smith wanted an “emancipation ruling” for his 15th birthday present and got it from his parents.


Is Jaden Smith still friends with Justin Bieber?

Yes, Jaden and Justin are still friends and have been friends for a long period of time.

What disease does Jaden Smith suffer from?

He was diagnosed with a nutrient imbalance in 2019. The condition can be life-threatening if it is not treated at the proper time.

Is Jaden Smith vegan?

No, he isn’t vegan but doesn’t eat meat for the environment. He hasn’t quit meat products completely but still encourages people to reduce meat intake.

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