Jade Quon Wikipedia: Who Is She? Bio Age And Husband

Jade Quon Wikipedia

Jade Quon Wikipedia offers insight into her multifaceted career, age, and the intriguing nuances surrounding her life, including details about her husband.

Jade Quon, a celebrated figure in the film industry, has carved an enduring legacy as a skilled stuntwoman and actress.

Her illustrious career is marked by a dazzling array of blockbuster movies and TV appearances, spotlighting her exceptional skill and unwavering commitment to the craft of stunts.

Throughout her journey, the actress’s performances have consistently captivated audiences, cementing her reputation as a powerhouse in stunt work.

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Jade Quon Wikipedia Bio: Who Is She?

Born Shannon Quon in San José, California, USA, Jade emerged from a background in dance, initially making waves as a performer at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards in 2000.

Her transition from dance to the world of stunts marked the beginning of an extraordinary career trajectory.

Quon’s breakthrough came with her role as a stunt alien in “Men in Black II” (2002), setting the stage for her remarkable journey.

She showcased her prowess by performing utility stunts in significant productions like “Collateral” and “Devil’s Den.”

Displaying remarkable versatility, she doubled for various actresses, including Janel Parrish in “Bratz” and Brenda Song in episodes of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” and “Hannah Montana.”

Jade Quon Wikipedia
Jade Quon made a commercial appearance in a Suntory Beer advertisement, performing a stunt double for Lucy Liu. (Source: Instagram)

Her impact extended beyond television, featuring in blockbuster movies such as “The Hunger Games” (2012), “The Last Airbender” (2010), and “Transformers: The Last Knight” (2017).

Notably, the stunt woman even contributed her skills to video games, doubling as Jill Valentine’s character in “Resident Evil 5.”

Her expertise garnered recognition, particularly for her role as a USS Kelvin science officer in “Star Trek,” working closely with esteemed stunt coordinator Joey Box.

The actress’ multifaceted career stands as a testament to her talent, dedication, and adaptability in the dynamic realm of stunt performance.

Jade Quon Age

While specifics about Jade Quon’s age remain undisclosed, her career and achievements speak volumes about her experience and proficiency in the stunt industry.

Born on July 22, the actress’ dedication to her craft and the extensive list of projects she’s been involved in showcase her seasoned expertise.

Her notable performances across various movies, television shows, and even video games underscore her depth of experience and skill set within the industry.

Jade Quon Wikipedia
In the film JULES, Jade Quon portrayed the role of an extraterrestrial character. (Source: Instagram)

Despite the absence of public details regarding her exact age, Quon has maintained a consistent presence in significant productions.

Her ability to deliver exceptional stunt work reflects a career marked by longevity and a wealth of professional know-how.

The stuntwoman’s influence on the community is proof of her skill, adaptability, and unrelenting dedication to her work.

This placement has cemented her reputation as a reputable person in the stunt performance industry.

Jade Quon Husband

On April 3, 2016, Jade Quon shared a heartwarming photo celebrating her anniversary, along with the caption:

“Sharing our anniversary with Stanley, the giraffe!” Hey, I was going to eat that carrot!”

In this post, she tagged a man named Groove, indicating her happily married status.

Groove, identified as Victor Chen, actively shares moments with the actress on his Instagram.

By describing his profession as Path Project, specializing in top-quality running apparel, he exemplifies dedication and commitment to his craft.

Jade Quon Wikipedia
The image captures Jade Quon alongside her spouse, Victor Chen. (Source: Instagram)

Despite Quon’s openness on social media regarding her marriage, she remains relatively private about her family background, birth date, parental information, siblings, and educational history.

The actress’s intentional choice to keep personal details under wraps aligns with her desire for privacy.

While she hasn’t publicly disclosed extensive personal information, her Instagram posts have subtly confirmed her marital status.

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