Jackson Anthony Accident Linked To Death Cause Of Veteran Actor RIP

Jackson Anthony accident

Conganige Joseph Malsi Jackson Anthony was a highly acclaimed figure in Sri Lankan cinema, theatre, and television. Find out more about the Jackson Anthony accident.

He achieved remarkable success in his career, having been honored with the Best Actor award sixteen times.

Jackson was not confined to acting; he displayed his versatile talents in various capacities, including directing, producing, singing, screenwriting, hosting television programs, and writing novels.

In 2007, he was honored with the People’s Award for Best Artist at the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) Awards Ceremony.

Additionally, Jackson Anthony served as the Creative Director of Swarnavahini in the early 2000s and gained popularity for producing the well-received musical program “Hapan Padura.”

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Jackson Anthony Accident

Renowned Sri Lankan actor Jackson Anthony sadly passed away at age 65 following a 14-month-long treatment period at the National Hospital in Colombo.

The beloved actor had been hospitalized since July 2, 2022, when he was involved in an accident.

Tragically, he breathed his last while receiving treatment in the ICU of Colombo National Hospital on the morning of October 9, 2023.

Jackson Anthony accident
                           Jackson’s memories will be cherished, and his legacy will remain untouched (Source: Pinterest)

Anthony and two other individuals, including his younger brother Saman Anthony, sustained injuries when the vehicle they were traveling in collided with a wild elephant near Thalawa.

This unfortunate incident occurred as they returned from a filming session at Haththikuchchi Viharaya in Galgamuwa.

The vehicle suffered extensive damage in the collision, and it is suspected that the wild elephant also sustained severe injuries.

Afterward, Anthony was moved from Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital to the National Hospital in Colombo, where he underwent a lengthy seven-hour surgery in the intensive care unit.

Further details about Jackson Anthony’s accident are not revealed. Stay updated with us to find out more about the accident. 

Jackson Anthony death

Jackson was a highly esteemed figure in music, acting, production, television hosting, and exploration.

However, tragedy struck on July 2, 2022, when he and his brother, Saman Anthony, were involved in a harrowing accident.

During the accident, he suffered severe injuries that necessitated a grueling seven-hour surgical procedure at Colombo National Hospital.

Jackson Anthony accident
                           Jackson’s sudden passing has sent his family and fans into a state of mourning (Source: Pinterest)

Subsequently, he remained hospitalized at the same facility for an extended period, enduring the arduous recovery journey.

Regrettably, despite his valiant efforts and the extensive medical care he received, Jackson ultimately succumbed to the injuries he sustained during the fateful 2022 collision with a wild elephant.

His passing marks a sad conclusion to the battle he fought after that tragic accident.

The Jackson Anthony family mourns

Jackson was greatly respected for his outstanding skills and warm-hearted personality.

However, the sudden passing of this exceptionally talented individual has brought profound sadness to his family, friends, and those who cherished him dearly.

The overwhelming sorrow experienced by those fortunate enough to have shared their lives with Jackson is a testament to his profound influence on their lives.

Jackson Anthony accident
                                The fans of Jackson sent heartfelt condolences to the Anthony family (Source: Pinterest)

Moreover, cherished memories of Jackson will be treasured by friends and family who share strong bonds and deep affection for him.

In addition, the actor and TV host’s loved ones and friends are deeply saddened by his unexpected and premature departure.

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