Jackie Redmond Wikipedia Bio: Who Is She? Age And Husband

Jackie Redmond Wikipedia

Jackie Redmond Wikipedia delves into her professional journey alongside her life’s adventures with her husband, Emmett Blois, contributing to a dynamic personal and professional narrative.

Jackie Redmond, a Canadian sports broadcasting luminary, commands the spotlight with her versatile expertise.

After conquering NHL reporting with insightful analysis on networks like NHL Network and Rogers Sportsnet, she transitioned seamlessly to WWE, gracing screens as a dynamic interviewer on Raw.

Her historic win on “Gillette DRAFTED 3” marked a trailblazing milestone. Joining the Monday Night Raw team in 2023, her backstage prowess and unwavering dedication amplify the WWE experience.

With a magnetic presence and a trail of achievements, Redmond continues to captivate audiences, embodying professionalism, enthusiasm, and an unwavering commitment to her craft.

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Jackie Redmond Wikipedia Bio: Who Is She?

Jackie Redmond emerged as a sports broadcasting force after clinching victory in 2011’s “Gillette DRAFTED 3: The Search for Canada’s Next Sportscaster.”

She stood as the sole female winner in its five-season legacy.

Her journey ignited a trailblazing career, illuminating hockey coverage across distinguished networks such as the NHL Network, WBD Sport, and Rogers Sportsnet.

Transitioning adeptly in 2021, the Canadian sports broadcaster fortified her repertoire, joining WWE’s vibrant landscape.

Hosting Raw Talk and SmackDown LowDown showcased her dynamic prowess and analytical finesse, earning her a notable spot.

Jackie Redmond Wikipedia
Jackie Redmond left a notable impression during her tenure at the NHL Network. (Source: Instagram)

June 2023 saw her ascendancy to the Monday Night Raw team as a backstage interviewer, effortlessly toggling between NHL arenas and WWE rings to relay pivotal updates from both realms.

Redmond, a Canadian sports luminary, carved her niche as an acclaimed NHL reporter after her groundbreaking win on “Gillette DRAFTED 3.”

She ascended the ranks of sports journalism, gracing NHL Network screens with astute insights and breaking news.

With an active presence on social media, Redmond engages as @jackieredmond on Instagram and @Jackie_Redmond on Twitter.

Jackie Redmond Age

Born on April 12, 1987, in Toronto, Canada, Jackie Redmond stepped into the spotlight in 2011 when she won “Gillette DRAFTED 3: The Search for Canada’s Next Sportscaster” at the age of 24.

This kickstarted her career in sports journalism. Redmond, now 2024, 37 years old, has built over a decade of experience as an on-air reporter and host.

Shortly after her Gillette win in 2011, the Canadian sports broadcaster began covering hockey on networks like the NHL Network, WBD Sport, and Rogers Sportsnet.

She brought in-depth knowledge and quick wit to reporting on the NHL. Then, in 2021, at age 34, Redmond expanded her repertoire by joining WWE as a broadcaster.

Jackie Redmond Wikipedia
Jackie Redmond continues to provide valuable backstage insights from WWE Superstars on Monday Night Raw. (Source: Instagram)

She immediately took on hosting duties for the WWE talk shows Raw Talk and SmackDown LowDown.

Most recently, in June 2023, at the age of 36, the broadcaster elevated her WWE role by becoming a backstage interviewer for Monday Night Raw.

She navigates the worlds of NHL ice and WWE rings to provide the latest news and developments.

Now in her mid-30s, She has proven herself as an adaptable and knowledgeable voice across multiple sports settings.

Jackie Redmond Husband

Jackie Redmond’s beloved husband is Emmett Blois, an entrepreneur focused on health, fitness, and wellness.

Based on his social media activity, Blois actively supports his wife’s high-profile sports broadcasting career.

He frequently tweets praise for the Canadian sports broadcaster’s achievements, like when she joined WWE’s Monday Night Raw team in June 2023.

Blois shared his excitement on Twitter, writing,

“I am so proud of you. Your work ethic is inspiring, and your hard work has led you here! Congratulations, babe; the future is bright, and I’m so excited to spend it by your side.”

Jackie Redmond Wikipedia
Jackie Redmond has a very supportive husband,Emmett Blois. (Source: Facebook)

As Redmond crisscrosses settings from NHL rinks to WWE rings, her number one fan Blois is quick to celebrate her career moves.

Whether the Canadian sports broadcaster is breaking news about a hockey trade or snagging backstage intel from wrestling superstars, Blois is frequently tweeting his support.

When Redmond isn’t traveling for wrestling or hockey events, she and Blois reside together in Canada.

Between tweets praising his wife’s accomplishments, Blois focuses on health and wellness in his own entrepreneurial pursuits.

Above all, he seems thrilled to witness his wife’s journalism career unfold in the spotlight of professional sports.

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