Jacinta Parsons Leaving ABC Radio In 2023: Where Is She Going?

Jacinta Parsons Leaving ABC Radio

Jacinta Parsons leaving ABC Radio this year has been a topic of discussion among her admirers, as she is known for her authenticity and storytelling prowess.

Jacinta Parsons is an Australian radio broadcaster and writer known for her work with Triple R, Double J, and ABC Radio Melbourne.

The broadcaster began in 2006 at community station Triple R before joining ABC in 2015 as Double J’s Music Director.

In 2018, she and Sami Shah hosted ABC Radio Melbourne’s Breakfast Show for two years. The writer hosts the Afternoon program and Friday Revue on ABC Radio Melbourne.

She has released two books: a memoir about living with Crohn’s disease called Unseen and 2022’s A Question of Age, which examines women and aging.

Parsons has become a prominent voice in Australian media through her broadcasting and writing.

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Jacinta Parsons Leaving ABC Radio In 2023

As the writer is a prominent personality in the broadcasting industry, internet searches for phrases like “Jacinta Parsons Leaving ABC Radio” are on the rise.

On July 20, 2023, the presenter of ABC Radio Melbourne’s Afternoons show made a surprising announcement to her audience.

She revealed that she would be stepping back from her role on the show to focus on “other responsibilities outside of ABC.”

Her final afternoon show is scheduled for Thursday, July 27, 2023.

Addressing her listeners with a tinge of sadness, the writer explained that recent life changes had prompted her to scale back from hosting the daily show.

While she expressed gratitude to ABC for their support, she emphasized that her departure from the Afternoons program would not mark her complete exit from the radio station.

The broadcaster excitedly said she would continue co-hosting The Friday Revue alongside Brian Nankervis weekly.

Jacinta Parsons Leaving ABC Radio In 2023
Jacinta Parsons is Leaving ABC Radio In 2023 due to personal reasons. (Source: ABC NEWS)

In an emotional Instagram post, she elaborated on her decision, using a bowling metaphor to convey her need to adapt and pivot in life’s unexpected challenges.

Late last year, the radio broadcaster realized that juggling the demands of a full-time, daily radio show while keeping an eye on other vital aspects of her life had become unfeasible.

Despite the heartbreaking nature of the decision, she acknowledged that sometimes life guides us toward necessary changes, and she was prepared to confront the new chapter ahead.

ABC Radio Melbourne’s Content Director, Shelley Hadfield, praised her impact on the station, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, as she provided a lifeline for many.

ABC Radio Melbourne’s team is grateful for her continued role on The Friday Revue, despite her departure from Afternoons, as she remains an integral part of the station.

Jacinta Parsons: Where Is She Going?

While Parsons bids farewell to her daily afternoon show, her plans beyond The Friday Revue are mysterious.

Although she has not disclosed the specific nature of her “other responsibilities,” it is clear that she intends to maintain a connection with her audience through her weekly co-hosting duties.

Speculations about the writer’s future endeavors abound, and some suggest that she may focus more on her writing career.

In 2020, she authored the profoundly personal memoir “Unseen,” which candidly shared her experiences living with Crohn’s disease.

Earlier this year, the writer released “A Question of Age,” a thought-provoking exploration of women and aging.

Jacinta Parsons Where Is She Going
Jacinta Parsons will hang up the headphones at ABC Radio Melbourne’s Afternoons. (Source: The Sydney Morning Herald)

Her passion for writing may drive her towards further literary pursuits and creative projects.

As the radio world awaits news of her replacement, Parsons’s fans remain supportive and eager to witness her next journey unfold.

Her six-year presence on ABC Radio Melbourne has left an indelible mark on countless hearts, and her departure marks the end of an era.

While her full-time role on Afternoons may conclude, the writer’s vibrant spirit and genuine connection with her audience will continue to resonate through the airwaves on The Friday Revue.

Parsons’ excellent career, demonstrating warmth, sincerity, and storytelling prowess in her chosen path, is anticipated by ABC Radio Melbourne.

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