ITV Tim Ewart Journalist Wikipedia And Age: Wife And Net Worth

Tim Ewart Wikipedia

Who is ITV journalist Tim Ewart Journalist? To learn more about Tim Ewart, Journalist Wikipedia, his wife and his financial status, continue reading.

Tim Ewart is a renowned British journalist who served as ITV News’ Royal Editor from 2009–2017.

During his long career with ITN, he covered significant royal events like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding.

The journalist reported from over 100 countries as ITN’s Africa correspondent, Moscow bureau chief, and other international roles.

He was a sports editor and reported on The Olympics and Cold War. He has interviewed senior members of the royal family and authored two books on Queen Elizabeth II.

The editor’s insightful commentary on major royal milestones has made him one of the most well-known royal experts.

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ITV Tim Ewart Journalist Wikipedia And Age

Tim Ewart was born real name is said to be Timothy John Pelham Ewart was born on February 6, 1949. As of 2024, 75 years old.

While his parents’ names and backgrounds are not publicly known, the journalist’s acclaimed journalism career has been well documented.

He began working for the Bury Free Press in 1967, moving to outlets like the Leicester Mercury and BBC World Service over the next decade.

John joined ITN and ITV News in 1981 as a foreign correspondent based in Moscow, Washington, D.C., and Warsaw through the eventful 1980s and early 1990s.

After presenting BBC regional news from 1993–1996, the editor returned to ITN in 1996. He served as ITV News’ Royal Editor from 2009–2017, covering significant events like Prince William’s wedding.

ITV Tim Ewart Journalist Wikipedia
ITV Tim Ewart Journalist Wikipedia has become a hot topic on the internet. (Source: Metro)

In addition to his work as a BBC presenter for three years, he also authored two royal books: “Queen Elizabeth II, A Celebration of Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday” and “The Treasures of Queen Elizabeth II.”

Pelham showcased his expertise during the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, appearing on Channel 7 Australia and ITV’s event coverage.

Furthermore, he provided commentary on MSNBC’s coverage of Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021.

With no public social media presence, Ewart values his privacy.

But his 50+ years dedicated to impactful journalism, especially his insightful coverage of monumental global events, have made him one of Britain’s most esteemed broadcasters.

Tim Ewart Wife

Tim Ewart is married to fellow journalist Penelope Jane Clucas Marshall, famously known as “Penny Marshall,” an ITV News correspondent who previously held roles with the BBC.

She has presented radio documentaries, written for major UK papers, and received an honorary doctorate for her esteemed work.

The couple has three children together.

Originally from Yorkshire, Marshall has been a foreign correspondent for ITV News since 2019 after serving as their Social Affairs Editor.

She is also a Visiting Professor at City University London and volunteers to help excluded children through her education charity.

Tim Ewart Wikipedia
Tim Ewart is married to Penny Marshal. (Source: Daily Mail)

In 2014, Jane was appointed BBC Education Editor but did not take the role after a breast Cancer diagnosis.

She has since recovered and continues influential reporting for ITV News.

Beyond their three kids, Ewart also has two older children from a previous marriage.

The journalist and his wife, Penny Marshall, have enjoyed respected journalism careers and a long marriage.

Their shared passion for impactful reporting has brought them together.

Tim Ewart’s Net Worth

While the veteran journalist’s precise net worth is not publicly known, estimations put it around $700,000 according to unofficial sources like NetWorthPost.

After a 50+ year career with significant outlets, his net worth likely exceeds these rough estimations.

Having held prestigious roles like ITV News’ Royal Editor for nearly a decade, his income from salaries and royalties has indeed been substantial over many decades.

Tim Ewart Wikipedia
Tim Ewart presented BBC News South East for three years. (Source: Yahoo)

Covering momentous world events and interviewing figures like the royal family warrants significant compensation.

Given his elite status in British journalism spanning over half a century, John has presumably amassed personal wealth well beyond the rough $700,000 estimate.

Though the figure remains private, he is financially stable after a prolific career.

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