Is Vtuber Shoto Gay? Real Name Partner And Age Revealed


Is Vtuber Shoto Gay has been the most searched question on the internet as his fans are curious to know what his sexuality is. This article will provide you insight on his real name partner and age as well.

Shoto is an American-Vietnamese Vtuber, YouTuber, streamer, voice artist, and singer. Instead of displaying their faces in their videos, VTubers utilize computer-generated avatars.

The Vtuber is well known for having a sensitive side. He is sometimes referred to as a “dog boy” or “good boy” because of his adorable puppy-like attitude and canine traits like his ears and tail.

Shoto often exhibits his cuter side while on stream, speaking in a softer tone and adopting cuddly dog-like behaviors.

In addition, the vocalist is a gifted performer, and he has uploaded a lot of song covers to his Youtube channel.

Many have loved the Twitch streamer’s content and are interested in learning more about him.

Is Vtuber Shoto Gay?

The Twitch user is not gay. However, he seems to be part of the LGBTQ+ community, as he once tweeted, “As a bisexual, some days you just wake up feeling a lot gayer than other days.
“Anyone else get what I mean?”

The Youtuber has not mentioned any further details regarding his sexual orientation on any of his social media platforms.

Shoto gay
The English-speaking Vietnamese-American VTuber, Shoto. (Source: Twitter)

People have been more accepting toward the LGBTQ+ community in today’s world. And, regardless of the streamer’s sexual orientation, his audience has always been very supportive of his content.

The singer has always been against hate speech, discrimination, extreme offensive language, and excessive trolling on his channel.

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Shoto Real Name and Partner

The real name of the Vtuber has not been revealed yet. He goes by his nick name, “Shoto, on his every social media platform.

Hiding one’s real identity in a Twitch account is a common trend. Many users debut with a nick name derived from animation or another frictional character.

The Youtuber got the golden play bottom on December 27, 2022. (Source: Instagram)

In addition, the nick names of the Vloggers are more commonly used by the fan base to identify their favorite streamer.

The Youtuber has been quite secretive when it comes to revealing his personal details on the social media platform. He has not yet defined his relationship status. Thus, it is unknown whether he has a partner or not.

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Shoto Age Revealed

According to Wikia Bio, the Vtuber was born on July 24th, 1999. He will be 24 years old as of [2023].

The streamer is an English-speaking Vietnamese-American YouTuber who does not speak much Vietnamese and is signed to United Talent.

The Vtuber has successfully kept his real identity hidden from the internet. (Source: Twitter)

The Twitch streamer debuted on October 2, 2021. He currently participates actively in the Hanamori group.

The term “Guildies” refers to the followers of the YouTuber who are also members of the Adventurer’s Guild, of which he is the Guild Leader.

The singer has a voice that is incredibly calming and ASMR-like. When recording voiceovers for RPG horror games, he frequently uses it in addition to his well-known high-pitched screams when scared.





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