Is Sarah Lahbati Pregnant In 2023? Weight Gain Or Baby Bump

Is Sarah Lahbati Pregnant

Is Sarah Lahbati Pregnant In 2023? She is a Filipino actress well-known for having a toned figure despite having kids.

Sarah Lahbati’s birthdate is October 9, 1993. She is a Swiss-born Filipino actress and reality star who has contributed significantly to her craft.

Sarah first gained attention as a finalist on the fifth season of the reality show Star Struck. The show was broadcast on GMA Network.

Lahbati emerged as the Ultimate Female Survivor alongside Steven Silva. She won a cash prize and an exclusive contract with GMA Network.

Sarah’s debut was in Hokus Pokus, where she played the daughter of Bong Revilla. Following her StarStruck success, she took on lead roles in GMA Netwrok’s drama series.

Also, Lahbati appeared in various GMA shows. She has appeared in shows like Kokak and Makapiling Kang Muli.

2015 Sarah moved to ABS-CBN after her contract with the GMA Artist Centre ended. She joined Viva Artist Agency in June 2015.

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Is Sarah Lahbati Pregnant In 2023?

Is Sarah Lahbati pregnant? The question has been all over the internet. Many reports suggest that she may be expecting a baby after she was seen with what was perceived as a “baby bump.”

Is Sarah Lahbati Pregnant
Is Sarah Lahbati Pregnant? This rumor has been circulating online. (Source: Instagram)

The rumors were furled by sources close to the couple who supposedly confirmed the pregnancy. However, an update in 2023 suggests that the story may be false.

Speculation about the star becoming a mom intensified when she was spotted with a noticeable stomach bulge during a romantic dinner date on December 6, 2023.

Another source mentioned that the actress opted for water instead of wine during toasts. It is considered unusual and could be a sign as pregnant women typically avoid alcohol.

While Twitter has been buzzing with reactions to the pregnancy rumors. Lahbati’s representative has neither confirmed nor denied the news.

It remains to be seen whether the apparent baby bump and the avoidance of wine are indicators of the Filipino star’s pregnancy.

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Sarah Lahbati Weight Gain Or Baby Bump

As of the artist’s latest Instagram post on December 8, she appears to be in great shape. Her profile picture shows a toned body, suggesting a commitment to fitness.

Her latest post must erase the dilemma of her weight gain or baby bump. The post features Lahbati embracing a new passion for playing tennis.

While the post highlights the reality star’s enthusiasm for her fitness journey, it does not provide conclusive evidence about a potential baby bump.

Fans and followers may be curious to see how the Filipino reality star’s journey unfolds and whether any future updates shed light on the speculation regarding her pregnancy.

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Sarah Lahbati Advice On Staying Fit

Sarah Lahbati has not gained weight yet. Thus, the baby bump rumors might be due to some of her photos being poorly taken.

In a 2016 interview, Sarah shared her insights and advice for new moms, drawing from her experience. 

Is Sarah Lahbati pregnant
Sarah Lahbati, a Filipino Sta,r has been fond of tennis lately. (Source: Instagram)

Before her pregnancy three years ago, Lahbati weighed 63 kilograms. During pregnancy,y she gained 15 kilograms, reaching 75 kilograms.

Post-pregnancy, The TV personality noted that her stomach still appeared pregnant. It was due to retained water, which she assured is regular.

Lahbati emphasized the importance of not rushing weight loss. She advised against drastic measures and highlighted the significance of allowing the body to heal.

Furthermore, the Filipino TV star stressed the need to focus on a healthy lifestyle. She focused on the well-being of her baby at her child’s birth.

At 30, with kids, Sarah is one of the fittest Filipino stars. Her commitment to fitness and well-being inspires everyone to follow her advice.

Additionally, the famous actress follows a balanced diet to nurture her body. With a fitness routine and nutritional diet, she has maintained her figure.

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