Is Luis Miguel Sick? Illness And Health Update 2023

Luis Miguel Sick

Is Luis Miguel Sick? Concerns over the Mexican singer’s wellbeing and medical condition continue as he embarks on a new tour.

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri is a Puerto Rican-born Mexican singer known as “El Sol de Mexico” who has sold over 60 million records worldwide.

He started his career at 11 in 1982 and became the youngest male artist to win a Grammy at age 14. The singer sings in various genres like pop, ballads, boleros, and mariachi.

Despite not crossing over to English pop, he popularised bolero music and was the best-selling Latin artist of the 1990s.

With a recording career of over 30 years, Miguel is one of the most successful Latin music artists.

The record producer is renowned for his captivating live shows and holds the record for the most consecutive and total concerts at Mexico’s Auditorio Nacional.

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Is Luis Miguel Sick In 2023?

The iconic Mexican pop singer has recently opened up about his ongoing health issues.

For years, speculation about his medical condition has caused him to cancel shows and disappear from the public eye abruptly.

The singer revealed that he suffers from tinnitus, a permanent ear ringing. He believes this developed over his decades-long music career of constant exposure to loud music, stages, and decibel levels.

Luis Miguel Sick
The term “Luis Miguel Sick” has become a concern for the singer’s fans. (Source: ticotimes)

Tinnitus currently affects an estimated 10–17% of the global population. It can significantly impact daily functioning and the quality of life.

Miguel stated that his tinnitus was “a complicated situation” that forced him to “walk away from the album, my career, and my profession.”

However, he is optimistic that with medical treatment and support, he is on the road to an “almost miraculous” recovery and can overcome this condition.

Luis Miguel Illness 2023

In late 2015, the record producer suddenly canceled several concerts in Mexico City, citing health issues.

His representatives initially blamed a viral throat infection. However, it soon emerged that the underlying cause was his struggle with tinnitus.

The singer’s hearing condition became public knowledge due to a legal dispute with his former tour agent over breach of contract allegations.

Court documents revealed Miguel skipped a hearing because he sought medical treatment for tinnitus.

Luis Miguel Sick
Luis Miguel, a beloved Latin American crooner, will tour the region and the U.S., attracting millions of fans eager to see him perform live. (Source: restofworld)

Beyond tinnitus, he has faced other health problems, including issues with his vocal cords. In 2019, he underwent a surgical procedure in New York to treat his throat issues.

Despite his illness, the producer has managed to continue performing. But his condition has led to unpredictable concert cancellations, disappointing fans.

His health remains precarious, requiring ongoing treatment and vocal rest to recover.

Luis Miguel Health Update 2023

In early 2023, Luis embarked on a highly anticipated concert tour in Argentina and beyond, his first shows in four years. His return was seen as a positive sign of improving health.

At a recent concert in Buenos Aires, the singer appeared energetic and in good spirits.

He performed a 50-song setlist spanning his entire career. Highlights included “duets” with Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson via archival recordings.

Luis Miguel Sick
 Luis Miguel officially kicked off his much-anticipated 2023 tour in Argentina on August 3. (Source: remezcla)

The 2023 tour will include over 65 shows in Latin America, Mexico, the United States, and Spain in 2024. This grueling schedule is only possible if Miguel’s health permits it.

Now in his early 50s, the iconic singer seems driven to overcome his ailments and reconnect with fans worldwide.

But the seriousness of his hearing problem means it’s still unclear if he will fully recover. Fans continue to hope for the best for the record producer as he battles illness while bringing his music back to the stage.

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