Is Georgie Tunny Pregnant In 2023 With Husband Robert Mills? Baby Bump

Georgie Tunny Pregnant

Is Georgie Tunny pregnant in 2023? Amid the media debate, an additional query about the famous journalist’s pregnancy speculation surfaced.  

Georgie Tunny is a prominent journalist from Australia. Likewise, she has made significant strides during her tenure at Channel 10. 

Tunny has been a familiar face on the Channel 10 network for several years. Moreover, she has co-hosted various programs, including The Project.

The television presenter has also conducted high-profile interviews and asked sensitive queries to influential figures. Likewise, Tunny began her Journalism career with the ABC.

With the ABC network, she served as a member of the ABC News Breakfast presenting team. Also she worked there for four years.

Moreover, Tunny lost out on her dream job at the ABC to Tony Armstrong. However, recent developments have raised questions about Georgie’s future at Channel 10.

Is Georgie Tunny Pregnant? This article will explore whether the journalist looks different and her pregnancy details.

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Is Georgie Tunny Pregnant In 2023?

No, Georgie Tunny is not pregnant in 2023. However, the Australian journalist has repeatedly revealed her pregnancy situation to the media.

Tunny said her partner, Rob Mills, wants many kids with her. The journalist said: 

My love Rob Mills wants to have an army of children. 

Furthermore, Georgie added, “I would love to have kids one day, but I am not nearly ready.”

Tunny revealed that her partner would start a family anytime, and she would love to see Robert become a dad. Likewise, she mentioned that her longtime partner would be the most incredible father ever.

Georgie Tunny Pregnant
Georgie Tunny Pregnant: The gorgeous Australian journalist is engaged to her longtime partner, Rob Mills. (Source: Herald Sun)

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald in April 2023, Tunny stated that she wants to focus on her career more.

The Australian journalist revealed that she plans to become a mother someday, which would be the most extraordinary thing.

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Georgie Tunny Baby Bump Or Weight Gain

Since Georgie Tunny co-hosted The Project, people have been interested in learning about her recent baby bump pictures and weight gain issues.

Many are shocked to see the Australian journalist show up on a beach with a fit-toned physique.

People still think of her as a beautiful journalist, and Tunny showed them they were correct.

Georgie now looks slimmer due to her weight loss. Similarly, her weight loss proves anyone can tackle weight regardless of age.

Likewise, Georgie begins her weight-loss adventure in her early thirties, when the body’s metabolism starts to slow down. Similarly, it’s more straightforward to tackle weight at this age.

Also, looking at her pictures, Georgie may have shed nearly 20 pounds. 

Glancing at her recent snaps, Georgie has no visible baby bump. Also, she has no plans to have a baby soon. 

Georgie Tunny’s Husband Robert Mills, And Married Life

Georgie Tunny is in a romantic relationship with Australian singer and actor Rob Mills.

Reportedly, the two began dating in 2018. Likewise, they have been committed to a romantic affair for at least five years. 

Georgie Tunny pregnant and husband
Georgie Tunny pregnant: The journalist enjoys her off-day with fiance Rob Mills on a romantic beach. (Source: Daily Mail)

Tunny and Mills’s affair began after the singer contacted her in 2018. he did this after seeing her on News Breakfast.

Moreover, the Australian artist announced that he and Tunny were happily engaged on 31 December 2021. Likewise, the two may have plans to tie the knot soon

The lovely Australian couple is an inspiration to all. Moreover, Georgie appears to be in a better state than ever as of this writing.

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