Is Fanny McPhee Related To Gok Wan? Cancer, Health Update And Age Revealed

Fanny McPhee

On the internet, people have been raising the question of whether is Fanny McPhee related to Gok Wan due to their striking resemblance. Gok has been in the public eye as he has appeared in multiple TV shows.

Fanny McPhee, a stage 4 cancer sufferer, is committed to supporting research into the disease, serving mainly as a consumer advocate and working with organizations to further the cause while contributing her publishing and advertising skills.

However, Fanny has been spreading awareness about the disease and volunteering for research into its treatment.

Currently, the cancer researcher has been sharing her journey and advising other cancer patients, as it can be scary due to the amount of information we get online.

Is Fanny McPhee Related To Gok Wan?

The British fashion consultant, author, television host, actor, DJ, chef, and event manager Gok Wan has not clarified if he is related to McPhee.

The rumor of them being related to each other circulated as both have quite a few similarities when it comes to their facial features.

Fanny McPhee
The facial resemblance of the cancer researcher has the fans of Gok confused about whether they are related to each other or not. (Source: Instagram)

Some people on the internet have speculated that the researcher is the great-grandmother of a British fashion consultant.

However, his speculation was proven wrong after Fanny posted a birthday post on her Facebook account with the user name @FannyMcPheeAndLittleC,

They appear to have met in person and know each other well, but they have not stated what relationship they have. 

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Fanny McPhee – Cancer and Health Update

In 2018, Fanny learned that she had metastatic breast cancer, also called advanced or stage 4 breast cancer.

Fanny McPhee
The cancer fighter with her pet dog Elvis. (Source: Instagram)

In July 2019, the researcher returned to the Melbourne Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, a Victoria, Australia, integrated cancer research, treatment, and education facility.

When even the most ordinary days were remarkable, she was informed that she was being considered for the “gold standard” DIEP procedure.

Moreover, McPhee has recovered from her cancer and is on the mend. She had surgery on her breast to remove it. She has been spreading awareness through her social media platforms and reaching out to help others with her inspiring stories.

She has also been enjoying her life, as evidenced by her Instagram handle, @fanny_mcphee, where she can be seen traveling and participating in outdoor activities.

Fanny McPhee – Age Revealed

The age of the cancer researcher has not been revealed yet. However, she is estimated to be in her forties. Her real name is Allison.

Fanny McPhee
The Australian cancer researcher, who herself had dealt with stage 4 breast cancer, was enjoying a vacation in Ibiza, Spain, after her surgery. (Source: Instagram)

The cancer fighter has mentioned in her bio that she also likes photography and does spontaneous photography. She has been brave while fighting stage 4 cancer, and many people who follow her on her social media platform have praised her for her story regarding the fight against dangerous diseases.

Moreover, the researcher’s devotion to contributing to the health sector and educating people about cancer is strengthened after knowing that many people die from metastatic breast cancer (MBC) in Australia due to a lack of research and proper treatment.

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