Is Derick Waller Leaving ABC News: Where Is He Going?

Derick Waller Leaving

Is It true that Derick Waller Leaving ABC News? The reporter is leaving ABC News after years of being the viewer’s favorite anchor. 

Derick Waller is a reporter for Eyewitness News This Morning. He has a rich background in Journalism and communication.

The anchor began his career in Charlotteville, VA. He then moved to TV stations in Raleigh, NC, and Cleveland, OH.

During his time in these regions, he reported on major events. Moreover, he hosted two presidential campaigns in key swing states.

Waller is originally from Richmond, VA. He has strong ties to New York City where his father resides in Queens.

Derick holds degrees in journalism and political science. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Apart from his professional pursuits, The journalist enjoys exploring the vibrant food and culture scenes in New York City.

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Is Derick Waller Leaving ABC News?

Derick Waller leaving ABC News on October 3, 2023. He was a hardworking and diligent reporter at WABC New York. 

Derek Waller Leaving
Derick Waller Leaving ABC News as the overnight schedule takes a toll on him. (Source: Next TV)

The host made this announcement saddening his fans. Also, he explained that he needs a break from his demanding overnight schedule.

Waller has been a prominent figure on Eyewitness News This Morning. The show airs from 4:30 to 6 a.m. 

The station is owned by ABC and is well known as ABC7 and Eyewitness News. He has been a part of this channel for a long time.

In his heartfelt message, Mr. Waller expressed his deep appreciation for the opportunity to work at Eyewitness News. He adoringly called it a “Literal dream come true”.

Furthermore, the ABC reporter shared a personal reflection. He recalled how he used to talk about his aspiration to become a reporter at WBAC during his high school year.

While he cherished the privilege of covering significant global stories for the nation’s largest TV station every morning, he candidly admitted that the overnight schedule had taken a toll on him.

Throughout his tenure at WABC, Mr. Derick took pride in being a voice unheard. Also, He emphasized the importance of being his authentic self every morning as a queer person of color.

Derick has been open about his relationship with his lover as a part of the LGBTQ community. He proudly shares photos with his partner on social media.

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Where Is ABC News Reporter Derick Waller Going?

There is a lack of specific details regarding Derick Waller’s upcoming career move or destination after he departs from WBAC.

Derick Waller leaving
ABC7’s Derick Waller: Embraced the Vibrance of Hell’s Kitchen. (Source: W42ST)

Derick has a work history at WVIR Charlottesville, WNCN Raleigh, and WEWS Cleveland. He possesses a strong foundation in journalism and reporting.

This diverse experience suggests that Waller is well-equipped with the skills and expertise necessary for various roles within the media industry.

The absence of information about his next step creates an air of curiosity. It has left many to wonder about the exciting opportunities that might lie ahead for the Newscaster.

Moreover, his departure from ABC News marks a turning point. It signals the beginning of a new chapter in his professional journey.

Additionally, Derick Waller leaving ABC signifies the potential for fresh challenges and growth in his career. 

In this period of transition, the news presenter likely has a chance to explore different areas within journalism. 

Likewise, Waller would probably take a break from the hectic life schedule. He might have different plans for his future.

Derick’s Instagram Story highlights that he is enjoying his time with his lover Nathan Nickens. The couple was enjoying PAC in New York.

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