Is Dan Wootton Gay? Partner Sexuality And Family Revealed

Dan Wootton

Is Dan Wootton gay? To learn about this topic, we request viewers read the following article, which will inform them about Dan’s partner, his sexuality, and family details.

Daniel John William Wootton, a British broadcaster of New Zealand origin, is currently based in the United Kingdom and holds dual citizenship in both countries.

The British broadcaster Daniel John previously served as the executive editor of The Sun newspaper.

Wootton began his career in 2007 when he joined the News of the World. Later, in 2013, he became a part of The Sun on Sunday and assumed the role of editor for the Bizarre column in the subsequent year.

In February 2016, he joined The Sun as an associate editor under the leadership of Victoria Netwon, and in March 2018, he was promoted to the position of executive editor.

However, in 2021, Wootton departed from News UK and joined MailOnline as a columnist. He also started hosting a show on GB News.

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Is Dan Wootton Gay? 

Is Dan Wootton gay? Yes, Wootton publicly revealed his sexual orientation as gay through a Twitter announcement in 2013.

In February 2022, Andrew Brady, a former contestant on the reality television show “The Apprentice” and former finance partner of Caroline Flack, was sentenced to four months in jail.

This was due to his persistent harassment of Wootton and his false allegations of sexual offenses against him.

Dan Wootton gay
Dan Wootton Tonight | Tuesday 30th May (Source: YouTube)

Apart from his editorial roles, Wootton has appeared as a show business presenter on ITV’s morning shows, namely Lorraine and Daybreak.

Additionally, he contributed regularly as a panelist on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side from 2015 to 2018.

Dan initiated his journalism career in his home country of New Zealand, where he wrote an entertainment column for The Dominion Post, a prominent broadsheet newspaper based in Wellington. He also served as a reporter for the daily television program Good Morning.


Dan Wootton’s partner and sexuality

As mentioned earlier, the well-known journalist has publicly shared his sexual orientation as being attracted to the same gender, indicating that he identifies as gay.

As of the time of writing and publishing the article, the British television commentator remains single and unmarried.

In January 2021, Dan made an announcement stating his departure from The Sun and Talk Radio.

He revealed his new roles as a columnist for MailOnline and as the presenter of a daily show on GB News, scheduled for four days a week.

Dan Wootton
Ex-fiance of Caroline Flack jailed for harassment of Dan Wootton (Source: The Guardian)

Subsequently, in November 2021, his program on GB News, initially titled “Tonight Live with Dan Wootton,” underwent a rebranding and remained “Dan Wootton Tonight.”

In October 2020, Labour MP Chris Bryant criticized Wootton, referring to him as “a nutcase” and describing him as both dangerous and a conspiracy theorist.

This came after Wootton expressed support for the Great Barrington Declaration and suggested that achieving herd immunity could be a potential solution for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Wootton family revealed

Daniel John William Wootton was raised in Lower Hutt, a city located in the Wellington region.

His parents, both of British nationality, have their own unique backgrounds. His mother was born in Basildon, Essex, while his father was born on a British army base in Malta.

In 2013, he became a part of The Sun newspaper, where he introduced a new column that was published on Sundays.

Dan Wootton
Dan Wootton: ITV’s Carolyn McCall should do the right thing and RESIGN (Source: YouTube)

He later assumed the role of editor for the newspaper’s Bizarre column in 2014, further solidifying his position within the publication.

In 2016, he was promoted to the position of associate editor, focusing on showbiz and television coverage.

Throughout his career, Dan garnered recognition for his work in showbiz reporting. He was honored as the “Showbiz Reporter of the Year” at the British Press Awards in 2010, 2013, and 2018.

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