Is Clive Myrie Scar On Neck From Surgery – Does He Have Cancer? Illness And Health Update

Clive Myrie

The Clive Myrie scar has been the most seared topic on the internet as many are curious about the scar on his neck. This article will also provide you with insight into his illness and his health update.

British journalist, newsreader, and broadcaster Clive Myrie works for the BBC. In the organization’s graduate journalism program, he started working for the BBC in 1987 as a trainee local radio reporter.

In 1988, after spending a year with Independent Radio News, the reporter’s first job was as a reporter for Radio Bristol.

In addition, major stories, including the impeachment of US President Bill Clinton and the conflicts in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq, have been covered by the journalist during his career.

The broadcaster visited Ukraine in February 2022 and served as the BBC’s anchor for coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

Moreover, the public that has been watching his reporting has loved his honesty in delivering accurate news.

Is Clive Myrie Scar On Neck From Surgery – Does He Have Cancer?

Recently, many have noticed a scar on the reporter’s neck and are curious to know the reason behind it. Many have been speculating if the scar is from neck surgery and if he has cancer.

However, the journalist has not yet mentioned any information regarding the scar on any of his social media platforms. He has also not mentioned having neck cancer in any of his interactions with the public, so the rumor has no truth to it.

Clive Myrie scar
The reporter has endured racial harassment, including death threats. (Source: Twitter)

There has been no information on how he got the scar on his neck. His fans have shown concern regarding the scar and have speculated on many things.

Moreover, we must understand that spreading such false speculation can affect their loved ones. Public personality’s lives are more exposed to the online community, and many speculations are made about them without proof.

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Clive Myrie Illness 

The BBC’s news reader has not yet mentioned any information about him suffering from any kind of illness on the internet.

The reporter seems to be still working and has not reported being sick due to any major health issue. However, many recently showed concern after noticing a remarkable scar on his neck.

Clive Myrie
The newsreader with Iyse Doucet, who is a BBC Presenter and Chief International Correspondent. (Source: Twitter)

In addition, many speculate that the journalist has undergone surgery due to neck cancer. But he himself has not mentioned anything about it.

Moreover, the broadcaster does not suffer from any major life-threatening illness. He seems to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious food.

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Clive Myrie Health Update

The health of the reporter is completely fine; he has been reporting for the BBC and has been active on his social media platforms as well.

Many people have shown concern regarding him as he was seen reporting from Ukraine on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Clive Myrie
Myrie won “Television Journalist of the Year” and “Network Presenter of the Year” at the RTS Television Journalism Awards 2021. (Source: Twitter)

It was a risky mission for the news reporter to go to a country where there have been constant attacks from a strong military force.

However, the journalist was brave enough to travel to Ukraine to report accurate news and not base his report on speculation and rumors.

Moreover, many have shown their respect for the broadcaster’s hard work. He has been receiving a lot of praise from the public as well.

Clive Myrie Wife

Clive is happily married to a beautiful Catherine Myrie. He is a very private person and does not share much information about his wife.

Mr.Myrie told Daily Mail’s Weekend Magazine Catherine (his wife) is an upholsterer and furniture repairer. She has also previously worked in publishing.

The broadcaster also mentioned that his wife gave him the courage to pursue his dreams.

The couple’s dating history and the exact date of their wedding are unknown, as both Mr. And Mrs. Myrie love to keep their love life private.

However, the pair met in 1992 at the launch of a book on Swiss Cheeses, during the time Catherine worked in publishing.

After six years of dating and knowing each other, the couple tied the knot at the Corpus Cristi Catholic Church.

Clive and Catherine went to Venezuela’s Maracaibo coast for their honeymoon. Later they moved to the States. 

There is no information available if they are parents to kids or not. We will be the first ones to update you if they are parents to kids or not as soon as we get information from relevant sources.

Clive Myrie Net Worth

A well-known journalist who has established himself in the field is Clive Myrie. His net worth has been reported by a number of sites to be about $5 million, according to AllFamousBirthday.

He began his career as a reporter for Radio Bristol while enrolled in the BBC’s graduate journalism school.

After a year with Independent Radio News, he returned to the BBC after a year and reported for Points West, BBC Television, and Radio News.

During his career, Myrie has visited more than 80 nations and reported on important occasions like the impeachment of U.S.

President Bill Clinton and the wars in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He served as a correspondent embedded with the 40 Commando Royal Marines during the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the coalition troops. He has also worked as the BBC’s Paris, Los Angeles, and Tokyo correspondents.

In April 2009, Myrie took over for Chris Lowe as a broadcaster on the BBC News Channel after working as a Europe reporter in Brussels.

Since joining BBC News, he has hosted a number of newscasts, including weekday bulletins on BBC One, the BBC Weekend News, weekend editions of BBC News at Ten and BBC Breakfast, and the BBC Weekend News.

He is regarded as a leading figure in the journalism industry due to his significant experience and knowledge.

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