Is Chucky Lozano Dead, Death News Real or Hoax? Injury Health Update And Age

Is Chucky Lozano Dead

Is Chucky Lozano Dead or Alive. I’ve included all the details about the star Mexican footballer in the article below.

Hirving Rodrigo Lozano Bahena is a popular professional Mexican football player currently playing for the Mexican national team and Serie A club Napoli in the winger position.

Globally, he is famous by his nickname Chucky. Chuck’s first career debut was in 2016 with a football club named Pachuca; he also won the 2016 Clausura title with his team.

He also won the 2016-17 CONCACAF Champions League, where he played 152 games and scored 44 goals for the team.

Also, he participated in the youth team and won the 2015 CONCACAF U-20 Championship. Chucky also played at the 2016 Summer Olympics. 

In February 2016, the veteran winger made his first senior international debut when he represented Mexico at the Copa America Centenario.

He had signed for Dutch side PSV Eindhoven in June 2017 and had won the Eredivisie in his first playing season. He had also finished as the club’s top scorer in the same season.

Lozano had signed for Napoli for a reported price of 42 million euros, making him the most expensive Mexican football player.

Is Chucky Lozano Dead, Death News Real or Hoax?

Chucky is absolutely alive and safe. Rumors spreading on social media about Lozano’s death are baseless and false.

According to some reports, false information regarding his death started being forwarded on what’s app.

Is Chucky Lozano Dead
Water art of Chucky. (Source: Cyber Planet)

Some media-related accounts were forwarding his false death news without confirming it.

Based on the rumors, we have researched his scenario and discovered that he is 100% Alive and Safe, and all the gossip and rumor created about him on social media is fake.

Chucky Lozano Injury And Health Update

Currently, Chucky is healthy and is in no harm. Still, Chucky has suffered a lot of injuries during his career till now.

Some of which were very serious, as he mentioned in some interviews. 

As of the current information available, it was confirmed that he had a severe shoulder injury which he had to be operated on. 

He injured his right shoulder on 2nd February 2022 when the Mexican national team was up against Panama during World Cup qualifiers at Estadio Azteca.

Is Chucky Lozano Dead
Lozano is playing for Napoli. (Source: Football Italia)

After the injury, the veteran winger returned to Napoli and missed four league matches that month.

Lozano has also discussed a serious injury he faced when playing against Trinidad and Tobago; he was playing an international match representing Mexico then. 

He had accidentally smashed his head with the opponent’s goalkeeper’s knee.

That injury was devastating for Lozano, and he has also said that he thought he would not live after that. 

He said in an interview, “My neck snapped backward, my spine was damaged, my eye just exploded. I was so scared. I cried a lot. I feared for my life, honestly. Thanks to the surgeon, I was only out for three months, but many doctors told me it was a miracle that I had even survived, let alone come back to play again so quickly.”

Chucky Lozano Age

The Mexican star winger was born on 30th July 1995 in Mexico. As of 2023, he is 28 years old. 

He also has a brother younger than him named Bryan Mauricio by profession. Bryan is also a football player and midfielder for Club Universidad Nacional. 

Chucky is married to a beautiful girl named Ana Obregon, who was previously his girlfriend too. The lovely couple exchanged vows in 2014.

Is Chucky Lozano Dead
Selfie of Chucky and his wife, Ana. (Source: Sportsman Biography)

As of today, they are proud and happy parents of two children. Their firstborn was a daughter whom they gave birth to in 2014. 

And in the year 2017, the couple became parents to a boy. Hirving is famously known by his nickname Chucky, after the doll in the horror film series named Child’s Play.

He allegedly got his nickname after he sneaked below teammates’ beds and used to scare them. 

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