Is Caris Levert Related To Eddie Levert? Family Tree Age And Wikipedia

Is Caris Levert Related To Eddie Levert

Many people are often confused between celebrities who share same surnames, such as “Is Caris Levert Related To Eddie Levert?”

Caris Levert is a professional basketball player who currently plays as a forward and shooting guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Eddie Levert is an American singer and songwriter who is also the lead vocalist of the band The O’Jays.

He often sang in the church choir and gospel radio show, which was a head start to his music career.

Many fans are curious if they are related to each other. With the information gathered, it is known that Caris LeVert is the third cousin of Eddie LeVert.

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Is Caris Levert Related To Eddie Levert?

Caris LeVert, the talented NBA player, is indeed related to Eddie LeVert, the singer from Bessemer, Alabama.

It is known that Caris is Eddie’s third cousin, and they share a family connection and have succeeded in their own field. Caris LeVert and Eddie LeVert have the same family roots in Ohio.

Caris developed a passion for basketball from a young age. He used to practice a lot alongside pursuing his studies at the University of Michigan.

Before playing for the NBA in 2016, he used to play for several teams like Brooklyn Nets, where he gained recognition for his performances.

Is Caris Levert Related To Eddie Levert
Caris Levert trying to score for the win (Source: Instagram)

Eddie is also a well-known singer who was the lead vocalist of the band The O’Jays for several years. The band is famous for its iconic songs like “Love Train,” “Back Stabbers,” and “For the Love of Money.”

Eddie also had a son named Gerald LeVert, a well-known R&B singer, before he passed away in 2006.

Despite having completely opposite careers, they share a good family bond. It is common for individuals to have family connections who help each other to achieve their goals, and Caris and Eddie are no exception.

Their connection exemplifies how family roots can play an important role in shaping one’s life.

The LeVert Family Tree

The Levert family tree is interesting, with talented individuals making its branches. The family members have significantly impacted their own fields of interest. 

While Caris has made his own name in basketball by playing as a professional, Eddie and his late son Gerald have also achieved success in the music industry.

Is Caris Levert Related To Eddie Levert
Eddie Levert with his family (Source: Instagram)

Other family members are successful in their other fields, such as Eddie’s other son Sean LeVert, a football player who played for Cleveland Browns before pursuing music as his career.

Overall, their legacy continues to inspire and influence the upcoming generations.

Caris Levert And Eddie Levert: Age And Wikipedia

Caris LeVert and Eddie Levert are well-known figures in their own industry but belong to different generations.

Eddie was born on June 16, 1942, in  Bessemer, Alabama and raised in Canton, Ohio, making him 82 years old as of 2024.

On the other hand,  Caris LeVert was born on August 25, 1994, in Columbus, Ohio, U.S. making him 81 years old as of 2024. He is a well-known star known for his impressive skills on the court.

Is Caris Levert Related To Eddie Levert
Eddie Levert on his studio writing his new song (Source: Instagram)

Despite being born over 50 years apart, the two LeVerts share a familial bond that can be traced back through their family tree.

At last, while Caris LeVert and Eddie Levert share the same last name and family connection, they belong to two different generations and have their own accomplishments and contributions to their field.

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