Is Apio Quijano Gay? Wikipedia Bio Partner And Age Revealed

Apio Quijano

Apio Quijano is a singer, author, and fashion expert who has recently come out as gay. Apio Quijano has been a talking point on the internet lately.

Apio’s band Kabah achieved enormous success, and he has recently appeared on television shows such as Todos Quieren Fama and Este es mi estilo.

He is a well-known host and therapist who focuses on alternative medicine and has skills in healing telepathy and hypnosis, in addition to being a singer, author, and fashion expert.
The famous band Kabah was formed in 1993, and the name was given after the massive Mayan ruins of Yucatan, which became a national sensation in January 1994 when they featured in the popular Mexican soap opera Aguejetas de Color.
The following summer, they came in first place in a competition at the Valores Juveniles Acapulco festival.

Is Apio Quijano Gay? Partner Revealed

Days after being questioned, Apio admitted to being gay, but he personally prefer to put these considerations aside as they were a part of his private affairs.

Quijano is currently openly gay and fully embraces his sexuality without trying to hold back or cover up his true desire.

Apio Quijano Gay
Apio Quijano and Melissa from JNS defend themselves after being accused of separating from Erik Rubín ( Source: EI Heraldo de Mexico)

His sister Federica is one of his supporters and inspirations, and she has helped him in his hard times.

Federica is also a member of the LGBT community; she chose to leave the stage after Kabah’s final goodbye to adopt two young children, Maria and Sebastian, one of whom has autism.

Unlike other celebrities, he is very private about his relationship timelines; therefore, information about his partner was not available at the time.

apio quijano Wikipedia bio explored

The host of the television program “This is My Style” was born on April 15, 1997, in Mexico City.

In 2014, the former Kabah released his fourth book, “Dream that you have wings,” in which he describes his healing experiences, encounters with angels, and life-changing events.

The books, including 365 Tips to Change Your Life, Mirada Magica, and Awake in Me, were previously released.

Apio Quijano
Apio Quijano attacks Lolita Cortés for criticizing Kabah ( Source: EI Sol de Puebla)

Apio suffered a miserable life in his early years because his parents got separated when he was little and his mother married someone else when he was only 10 years old.

As a result, he became a conductor and a pioneer in skin perception. So he worked hard in order to gain success and become popular among people.

Apio Quijano Age Revealed

He was born in 1997, so he will be twenty-six years old in April, he has influenced many people through his meditation skills and herbal medications.

Apio and Erik Rubin kissed recently during a performance on the 90’s Pop Tour, which has become a media sensation in recent days.

He is a fashion expert who has tons of fans on social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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