Is Alex Silvagni Related To Jack Silvagni – Are They Blood Related? Family Details And Net Worth

Is Alex Silvagni Related To Jack Silvagni

Yes, Alex Silvangni and Jack Silvangi are related to each other. This article was, Is Alex Silvagni Related To Jack Silvagni – Are They Blood-Related? Family Details And Net Worth.

Alex Silvagni is a former professional Australian rule footballer who played for the Fremantle Football Club and the Carlton Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL).

He scored ten goals in 53 games with Fremantle before being delisted after the 2016 campaign.

After that, Carlton selected him in the 2017 rookie selection; however, recurring injuries prevented him from participating in any games in the 2018 campaign.

Alex Silvagni is the State Manager (WA) for Cookers Bulk Oil System. He takes part in Season 1 of The Summit. He enjoys pushing himself and has a competitive streak.

He acknowledges that he never thought of himself as a natural football player and that he struggled to reach the levels he did. 

Is Alex Silvagni Related To Jack Silvagni – Are They Blood-Related?

Numerous rumors circulate that the athlete and Jack Silvangi are related. Yes, Jack and Alex are related; Jack is the second cousin, once removed, of former Carlton teammate Alex Silvangi. 

Jack is an Australian rules footballer representing Carlton in the Australian Football League. When Carlton matched Essendon’s offer to take him in the 2015 AFL Draft, he was selected with the 53rd pick.

Is Alex Silvagni Related To Jack Silvagni
Alex Silvagni and Jack Silvagni are cousins. (Source: zimbio )

He is from a third generation of Carlton football players; his grandpa Sergio and father Stephen are both Hall of Fame stalwarts.

Furthermore, he is also the brother of current teammate Ben Silvagni and a second cousin, once removed by former Carlton teammate Alex Silvagni.

Since arriving at IKON Park in 2015, Jack Silvagni has served as a versatile player for the Blues, primarily playing up front but also making appearances in all field areas.

Silvagni received the Spirit of Carlton Award in 2021 in honor of his tireless efforts to uphold the Carlton Football Club’s core values both on and off the field. Jack Silvagni played his 100th game for Carlton against Richmond on Thursday night.

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Alex Silvagni Family Details

Alex was born on 29 September 1987 in Australia; by considering his date of birth, as of 2024, he is 36 years old, and his birth sign is Libra.

Eric, a man with a fascinating history that includes Anglo-Indian ancestry, is none other than Alex Silvagni’s father. But his family’s history is not the only fascinating aspect.

Is Alex Silvagni Related To Jack Silvagni
Alex Silvagni scored 10 goals in 53 games with Fremantle. (Source: Instagram)

Actually, Stephen Silvagni, the full-back of the century and a Carlton legend, is the second cousin of Alex! Are you serious?

When you find out that the fathers of Eric and Stephen are first cousins, it becomes even more intriguing. Yes, the two football stars are not only related but also have a close bond with one another.

Beyond these intriguing links, there is sadly not much information accessible regarding Alex Silvagni’s family. There is no denying that Alex has a strong football heritage running through his veins, making him a rising star in the sport.

It’s not surprising that Alex is making waves in the football world, given his remarkable history. He’ll be making news for years to come, so keep a look out for him!

Alex Silvagni Net Worth

Jack Silvagni’s net worth is estimated to be between the mind-blowing sums of $1 million and $5 million.

Public personalities frequently hide their wealth, especially in sports, for various reasons, such as security and privacy concerns.

Is Alex Silvagni Related To Jack Silvagni
Alex Silvagni at jnm2018. (Source: Instagram)

Accurately determining a person’s net worth may also be a complex procedure considering various elements, including earnings, assets, and liabilities.

In the Australian Football League (AFL), Alex Silvagni participated in the Carlton Football Club and Fremantle Football Club. Fremantle selected him in the rookie draft in 2010.

Before being delisted after the 2016 season, he competed in 53 games for Fremantle throughout seven seasons. Then, in the 2017 rookie draft, Carlton selected him.

When he made his Carlton debut in Round 6 of 2017 against the Sydney Swans, he had a best-on-ground performance, going up against Coleman Medalist Lance Franklin head-on and holding him to one goal.

He was a member of Carlton’s leadership team in 2018. However, he could not participate in any games because of ongoing injuries. 

His brief but eventful career with the Blue Jays ended when he retired at the end of the season.

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