Hiromi Rollin Wikipedia Age Family And Net Worth

Hiromi Rollin Wikipedia

People are searching for Hiromi Rollin wikipedia as she has been in the headlines recently. Tag along with us to know why Hiromi is suddenly gaining media attention.

Hiromi Rollin is recognized for being the companion of the renowned French actor Alain Delon.

On July 5, 2023, Delon’s children Anouchka, Alain-Fabien, and Anthony Delon filed a complaint against Rollin for moral harassment and misappropriation of correspondence.

Reportedly, the relationship between the former manager Hiromi and Alain Delon took a turn for the worse when Alain experienced a fall in 2019.

Let’s learn more about Hiromi Rollin wikipedia, age, and family background.

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Hiromi Rollin Wikipedia and Age

Alain Delon’s lady-in-waiting is 68 years old as of now, as per Hiromi Rollin wikipedia.

Hiromi had a brief career in the movie industry. She is seen in movies like Ménage, Le retour de Casanova, and Adultère.

However, she has recently been involved in a controversy with Alain Delon, the French actor.

According to Hiromi, she asserts that she has been Delon’s companion since the 2000s.

Their initial meeting occurred in 1989 during a shoot where she served as the assistant director.

And, from 2006 onward, they resided together in the Douchy house.

Hiromi Rollin Wikipedia
Hiromi Rollin wikipedia is not readily available. (Source: LeParisien)

Further, during a TV5 World interview in 2021, the movie star Alain introduces Hiromi Rollin as “his companion from Japan.”

He said, “During my real convalescence, I was helped by a person, a Japanese girlfriend that I have, who took care of me and cared for me for months.”

Furthermore, she was seen with him attending the funerals of Jean-Paul Belmondo at the Saint-Germain-des-Prés church and at the Le Vox cinema to participate in the screening of David Lanzmann’s film with the Delon.

Hiromi Rollin family explored

Although Rollin is from Japan, her family background is unknown to the public.

Moreover, she is recognized as the famous French actor Alain’s companion.

And, having stayed at the Delon residence for more than twenty years, Hiromi Rollin was assumably like a family member to Delon.

However, Alain Delon’s children had recently filed a complaint against Hiromi stating moral harassment, animal abuse, and misappropriation of correspondence.

Further, the lawyer representing Delon’s children, Christophe Ayela, explained the issue in the July 5, 2023 press release.

Hiromi Rollin Wikipedia
Alain Delon’s daughter Anouchka Delon has filed a complaint against Hiromi Rollin. (Source: Public)

He said that since Mr. Alain Delon’s heart stroke incident in 2019, Hiromi has started living with him and has shown increasingly aggressive, demeaning, and abusive behavior towards him and his children.

Counterattacking them, the actor’s companion has also decided to take legal action against the Delon family in return.

Consequently, her lawyer has sent an extensive letter to the prosecution, countering all the arguments the star’s family presented.

Her main argument is that his children have failed to take care of their elderly father’s daily needs.

Rollin also emphasized that she was not just a mere companion to the actor but rather his devoted “companion” for over two decades.

Hiromi Rollin net worth revealed?

As of 2023, the former media persona Hiromi Rollin’s net worth is undisclosed to the public eye.

Hiromi Rollin wikipedia has also not provided an estimated net worth of the celebrity companion.

However, as it is evident that Hiromi was the famous French actor Alain Delon’s lady in waiting for over twenty years, she has accumulated a massive amount of wealth.

Hiromi Rollin Wikipedia
Hiromi Rollin has been associated with Alain Delon for over two decades. (Source: Sudinfo)

And additionally, she also had a brief career in the movie industry, contributing to her net worth.

Furthermore, Hiromi still appears with the actor in various movie premieres and events.

Therefore, although the exact figure of her net worth is unavailable, Hiromi Rollin has garnered substantial wealth from her involvement with the actor Alain Delon’s family.

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