Hasan Minhaj Car Accident Update, What Happened? Family And Age Details

Hasan Minhaj Car Accident

Was Hasan Minhaj involved in a car accident?  Find out more about it in the article below.

Hasan Minhaj is an American comedian, writer, producer, and actor. He is best known as the host of the Netflix comedy show “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj,” which ran from 2018 to 2020.

Prior to that, he was a correspondent on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart. Minhaj has also appeared in films such as “The Spy Who Dumped Me” and “The Angry Birds Movie 2.”

In addition to his entertainment career, Minhaj is known for his advocacy work, particularly on issues affecting the South Asian and Muslim communities in the United States.

Hasan Minhaj Car Accident- What Happened?

As of now, there has been no reports or indications of Hasan Minhaj being involved in a car accident. It may have been rumor that was spread on the the internet. But, Hasan is currently  fine and in a good health.

American actor and comedian Hasan Minhaj is currently a Senior Correspondent for The Daily Show. He appeared in several episodes of the sitcom State of Georgia and Disaster Date on MTV.

Hasan Minhaj
Comedian and Actor Hasan Minhaj Source: BBC

He hosted the web series ‘The Truth with Hasan Minhaj’ as well as the documentary ‘Stand Up Planet’.  He has also hosted a number of events, such as the 2017 White House Correspondents’ Dinner and the 2019 Peabody Awards ceremony.

The American celebrity has also done voice work. He provided his voice for Rabi Ray Rana in the video game series ‘Far Cry 4’. Minhaj’s debut stand-up comedy show, ‘Homecoming King,’ is also included in the actor’s list of achievements to the business.

Minhaj is known for his advocacy work, particularly on matters concerning the South Asian and Muslim groups in the United States, in addition to his entertainment career.

He has been a vocal advocate for immigrant rights, social justice, and political engagement, and has used his platform to raise awareness about important issues and to inspire positive change.

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Hasan Minhaj Family Revealed

Hasan Minhaj was born to Indian Muslim parents who immigrated to the United States. His father, Najme Minhaj, is a organic chemist, and his mother, Seema Minhaj, is a doctor.

Hasan has a younger sister named Ayesha Minhaj, who is a graduate of the University of California, Davis, and works in the tech industry.

Minhaj has spoken publicly about his upbringing and the challenges he faced growing up as a Muslim Indian-American in the United States.

He has also discussed his family’s experiences with racism and discrimination, as well as the importance of his cultural and religious identity to his personal and professional life.

Hasan Minhaj
Hasan-Minhaj with his wife Beena Patel. Source: The Indian Express

Hasan Minhaj is married to Beena Patel, who is a management consultant. The couple got married in January 2015, and they have been together for more than a decade.

They first met in college, and they dated for several years before getting married. Hasan and Beena has two children, a son and a daughter respectively.

How Old is Hasan Minhaj? His Age

Hasan Minhaj was born on September 23, 1985, which means he is currently 37 years old as of now.

Minhaj and his father stayed in the United States after his birth. His mother returned to India for eight years to finish medical school before returning to the United States again three years after to give birth to his sibling in 1989.

He graduated from Davis Senior High School in 2003. Hasan Minhaj attended the University of California, Davis, where he majored in political science and minored in communication.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2007. While in college, Hasan also performed stand-up comedy and was involved in various comedy groups and organizations.

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