Has S.T Abby Passed Away? Death Cause Family And Bio

S.T Abby

S.T Abby Passed Away has been the trending headline lately and people are curious to know what actually happened. This article will provide you with insight on her death cause family and bio as well.

S.T Abby was a romance author. Her writing has had a profound impact on millions of people, earning her a devoted following on websites like Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter. 

The writer was a USA Today best-selling author with a variety of romances in the works. She is well known for the Sterling Shore series, Deadly Beauties, and the Paranormal Romance trilogy. She has a distinguished resume that includes more than 20 novels.

Moreover, the work of the author has been loved by many, and along with her popularity, many have been curious to know more about her and have been following her on different social media platforms.

Recently, news of the writer’s death has been circulating on the internet, and many are curious to know more about it.

Has S.T Abby Passed Away? – Death Cause

Yes, the best-selling author has passed away. The news was confirmed by one of her fellow authors through social media platforms.

The death of CM Owens (Abby) on July 24, 2021, was reported as a “tragic incident” by fellow author SM Shade on their Facebook page.

S.T Abby passed away
The author passed away in a fatal car accident. (Source: KTLA)

According to the police’s first findings, the renowned novelist died from her injuries after being involved in a head-on collision with a car.

In addition, everyone, especially her family, friends, and sincere admirers, were shocked to learn of the passionate author’s departure.

Moreover, the author is still remembered today, and her books are legends. Many fans have also expressed their grief for her on social media platforms.

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S.T Abby Family – revealed

The late, well-known writer was born to her father, Mike, and her mother, whose name has not been revealed to date.

As per the reports, the father of the author was supportive of his daughter’s writing career. It is certain that both her parents might have been proud of what their daughter has achieved in the field.

S.T Abby
The sudden death of the author had left her loved ones in pain. (Source: HITC)

In addition, the late writer was not the only child of her parents. In fact, she had two sisters, Tonya and Danielle. They were also supportive of her work.

It is unclear if the author was a married woman or not, as she was quiet and secretive about her personal life and did not share much about it.

Moreover, it might have been a very touching time for her family members when the writer passed away unexpectedly.

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S.T Abby Bio – explored

S.T Abby was an author by profession. Her full name was Christie Owens. also known under the alternative pen names ST Abby, Kristy Cunning, and CM Owens. She was born on 1984.

Christie worked at a plumbing distribution warehouse prior to becoming a writer. She is well known for her romantic novels and her Novel series, The Mindf*ck.

S.T Abby
The ST Abby book series Mindf*ck is tough, compelling, and all-consuming which got a lot of positive reviews. (Source: Under the Cover)

However, there has been no personal information available regarding the late author; thus, information regarding her academic qualifications, birth date, and marital status is unknown.

Owen’s flawless and unbridled literary talent moved everyone. She was renowned among her peers, readers, and followers for pouring her heart and soul into each of her works.

Unfortunately, the talented author died at the age of 37 in a fatal car accident on July 24, 2021.



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