Harper Murray Sister Kendall Murray: Wikipedia And Age Gap

Harper Murray Sister

Harper Murray Sister, Kendall likely serves as a role model and guide for her. Their friendly rivalry is evident as Harper’s accomplishments inspire Kendall, showcasing a strong and supportive sisterly bond.

Harper Murray, hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a highly skilled volleyball player who made a significant impact during her time at Skyline High School.

Primarily playing as an outside hitter, Murray’s performance on the court was nothing short of impressive.

Her exceptional abilities and accomplishments earned her recognition as the No. 1 overall recruit by PrepVolleyball.com, solidifying her status as a top talent in the sport.

In addition to her high school success, Murray received the prestigious title of Michigan’s Miss Volleyball for the year 2022.

Throughout her prep volleyball career, Murray amassed impressive statistics, recording 2,488 kills and 1,460 digs.

Not only did she excel in high school, but she also achieved notable success in club play, securing an AAU U17 national title.

Harper Murray Sister Kendall Murray

Kendall Murray, also known as Harper Murray’s sister, has established herself as a standout volleyball player in her own right.

Kendall, a senior at the University of Michigan, pays tribute to her late father, Vada Murray, by wearing the number 27 on her jersey.

Harper Murray Sister
An old picture of Harper Murray with her sister Kendal and their late father Vada Murray. (source: volleyballmag)

She demonstrated her abilities as an outside hitter, similar to how her father showcased his talents as a football player at Michigan.

Kendall and Harper played on the same team at Skyline High School for a year and their skills together helped the team reach the state semifinals in 2019.

Correspondingly, her outstanding performance in high school resulted in her achieving the school record for kills and digs, which showcases her talent and influence on the volleyball court.

As a collegiate athlete, Kendall has continued to excel, representing the University of Michigan.

Her position as an outside hitter highlights her versatility and offensive prowess.

Kendall’s dedication to her sport and her ability to maintain high-level performance is evident in her continued success at the collegiate level.

The bond between Kendall and Harper extends beyond the volleyball court.

They share a deep connection through their shared athletic pursuits and the memory of their late father.

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Harper Murray Wikipedia

Despite her immense popularity in the sports world, an official Harper Murray Wikipedia page has not been made yet. 

Nevertheless, we have made one detailing her personal and professional life. 

Harper Murray, an American volleyball player, is currently in her first year at the University of Nebraska.

She is studying both Business and Law while also pursuing her athletic career.

Murray’s exceptional abilities in volleyball have already had a major influence on the University of Nebraska team.

In addition, she has showcased her skills on a global scale by competing for the United States and receiving recognition for her outstanding performance.

Murray was a member of the U.S. Girls U19 Team that won the gold medal at the 2022 Pan American Cup, where she was recognized as the “Best Spiker” of the tournament.

Additionally, she competed for the U.S. Girls U18 Team at the 2021 FIVB World Championships, contributing to the team’s bronze medal achievement.

Off the court, Murray has demonstrated her dedication to both academics and community involvement.

She has maintained an impressive 3.62 GPA while balancing her studies and volleyball commitments.

Likewise, Murray has also devoted her time to volunteering for the Vada Murray Endowed Fund for Cancer Research, a cause close to her heart as it is named after her late father.

Furthermore, she has taken on a leadership role as a lead coach for the Skyline Rising Eagle Volleyball Clinic.

Age Gap between Harper Murray and her sister

Harper was born on April 14, 2005, while Kendall was born on June 10, 2002, both in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The three-year age difference between the two sisters has not hindered their close relationship and shared passion for volleyball.

Harper Murray Sister
Kendall and Harper faced tough times losing their father to cancer. (source: murrayvolleyball)

Despite being on rival teams, Kendall and Harper maintain a supportive and loving bond.

They have cheered each other on throughout their volleyball careers, even playing against each other in college matches.

A notable game took place in October 2023 when Nebraska faced off against Michigan.

The age gap between the Murray sisters adds an interesting dynamic to their relationship.

Kendall, as the older sister, has likely served as a role model and source of guidance for Harper.

Meanwhile, Harper’s achievements have inspired Kendall, showcasing the strength of their sisterly love and healthy competition.

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