Harper Murray Sister Kendall Murray: Brother And Family Ethnicity

Harper Murray sister

Harper Murray sister, Kendall Murray, likely serves as a role model and guide for her. Get insights on the volleyball stars’ family details and more on their personal life.

Harper Murray sister Kendall Murray is an emerging star in the volleyball world.

Likewise, the freshman outside hitter for the Nebraska Huskers impresses all with her powerful attacks, consistent performance, and passion for the game.

But many still are unaware that she has an junior sister who also plays volleyball at a high level. 

Meet Kendall Murray, Harper Murray sister, and a junior opposite/outside hitter for the Michigan Wolverines.

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Meet Harper Murray Sister Kendall Murray And Brother

Harper Murray sister, Kendall Murray, has also established herself as a standout volleyball player in her own right.

Their friendly rivalry is evident as Harper’s accomplishments inspire Kendall, showcasing a strong and supportive sisterly bond.

Kendall, a senior at the University of Michigan, pays tribute to her late father, Vada Murray, as she wears the number 27 on her jersey.

Moreover, Kendall is a standout player who earned numerous accolades, including NAACP Academic Scholar, Most Valuable Offensive Player, All-State Honorable Mention, and All-Region First Team.

Harper Murray Sister Kendall Murray
Harper Murray Sister Kendall Murray: The close sisters pay tribute to their late father by wearing No. 27, expressing a heartfelt and enduring connection. (Source: Volleyball Magazine)

Harper was born on April 14, 2005, while her sister Kendall Murray was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan on June 10, 2002.

Kendall also played club volleyball for Legacy Volleyball Club and helped them win several national titles.

Similarly, Harper’s sister committed to play for the Michigan Wolverines in 2019, fulfilling her dream of representing her hometown and honoring her father’s legacy.

Kendall is currently a junior majoring in psychology and minoring in education. She has contributed to the Wolverines’ offense and defense, playing opposite and outside hitter positions.

She has secured an impressive stats: 321 kills, 164 digs, 58 blocks, and 25 aces.

Correspondingly, her outstanding performance in high school resulted in her achieving the school record for kills and digs, which showcases her talent and influence on the volleyball court.

Moreover, the bond between sisters Kendall and Harper extends beyond the volleyball court.

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Harper Murray Family And Ethnicity 

Harper and Kendall were born to their parents, Vada and Sarah Murray. Likewise, Vada was a former football player for the Michigan Wolverines and a police officer who passed away in 2011 after a battle with lung cancer.

Sarah is a teacher and a volleyball coach who raised Kendall and her younger siblings, Harper and Deric, with love and support.

The siblings grew up playing soccer and volleyball. Kendall followed her father’s footsteps and wore his number 27 jersey when she played for the Skyline High School girl’s volleyball team.

Likewise, the two sisters share a deep connection through their shared athletic pursuits and the memory of their late father.

Harper Murray Wikipedia And Career Highlights 

Harper Murray, hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a highly skilled volleyball player who made a significant impact during her time at Skyline High School.

Primarily playing as an outside hitter, Murray’s performance on the court was nothing short of impressive.

Her exceptional abilities and accomplishments earned her recognition as the No. 1 overall recruit by PrepVolleyball.com, solidifying her status as a top talent in the sport.

Harper Murray sister family
Harper Murray sister family: The volleyball star shares an old snap with her sister Kendal and their late father Vada Murray. (Source: volleyballmag)

In addition to her high school success, Murray received the prestigious title of Michigan’s Miss Volleyball for the year 2022.

Throughout her prep volleyball career, Murray amassed impressive statistics, recording 2,488 kills and 1,460 digs.

Not only did she excel in high school, but she also achieved notable success in club play, securing an AAU U17 national title.

Her position as an outside hitter highlights her versatility and offensive prowess.

Harper’s dedication to her sport and her ability to maintain high-level performance is evident in her continued success at the collegiate level.

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