Hanif Kureishi Sons: Carlo Kureishi And Sachin Kureishi

Hanif Kureishi sons

Who are Hanif Kureishi Sons? He is a renowned writer who has received numerous accolades under his name. He has been able to mark his name in the literature world with his remarkable writing skills.

Hanif Kureishi is a British writer of South Asian and English descent. He began his career in the 1970s by writing pornography under the pseudonyms Antonia French and Karim.

Hanif later transitioned to writing plays for various theatres. His experiences as a Pakistani student in London influenced his screenplay for “My Beautiful Laundrette.”

Kureishi earned critical acclaim including an Academy Award nomination. He authored “The Buddha of Suburbia” which won the Whitbread Award.

Moreover, Hanif wrote and directed the film “London Kills Me ” in 1991. In 1998, his novel “Intimacy” sparked controversy due to its semi-autobiographical nature, mirroring his separation from his partner and children.

Also, Kureishi’s drama “The Mother” was made into a film that won recognition at the Cannes Film Festival for its portrayal of a unique cross-generational relationship.

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Who are Hanif Kureishi Sons?

Hanif Kureishi sons are Carlo Kureishi and Sachin Kureishi. Mr. Carlo is a writer who creates stories for television and movies. 

Hanif Kureishi sons
Hanif Kureishi sons are following in their father’s footsteps and are passionately involved in writing. (Source: Shutterstock)

Carlo has been involved in various projects, including developing original series like “Voluptuous”, a comedy-drama commissioned by the BBC.

Hanif’s son Carlo’s series explores the lives of sons dealing with their pleasure-seeking fathers. Another show he worked on is “Masters” focusing on the roots and beginnings of grime music which was developed by Turbine Studios.

Currently, Carlo has several projects in development. He is working as a writer for an unnamed TV project in 2023 in collaboration with Clerkenwell.

Additionally, Mr Carlo is involved as a writer in another 2023 TV project with Turbine Studios and Warner Music which has not been titled yet.

Moreover, The writer’s son is co-writing a TV project called “Jovan” for Rollem and is involved in other untitled TV projects with companies like Pulse Films and Hudson Pictures.

Meet Hanif Kureishi Son Sachin Kureishi

Sachin Kureishi is a successful writer known for his work in movies and television in the UK. He worked on creating the original series “The Driver.”

Hanif Kureishi sons
Hanif Kureishi was married to Carlo and Scahin’s mother but separated. (Source: Alamy)

The Driver tells the story of a Syrian immigrant arriving in London. This series was made under commission from The Forge.

Right now, Sachin is busy adapting a novel for Daybreak Pictures. Moreover, he has been developing original series with Fbale Pictures.

Also, Mr. Sachin was part of the writing team for the second season of “Ackley Bridge” a comedy-drama shown on Channel 4.

Currently, Hanif’s son, Sachin holds a staff writer position at Channel 4. Lime Pictures “Hollyoaks”. Apart from his solo projects, Sachin has collaborated with Hanif Kureishi on writing endeavors in the past.

Scahin’s writing revolved around creating compelling stories for TV and film. He continues to contribute his storytelling skills to various projects.

Is Hanif Kureishi Married?

Hanif Kureishi, who is bisexual, resides in West London and enjoys hobbies like music, cricket, and spending time in pubs as noted in his Who’s Who entry.

Kureishi has twin boys from his previous relationship with film producer Tracey Scoffield and also has a younger son.

The British writer rarely visits Pakistan acknowledging his father’s Pakistani roots but mentioning infrequent trips there.

Regarding his marriage, Hanif is partnered with Isabella d’Amico. Following a fall in 2022 that resulted in spinal injuries and immobility, he expressed gratitude for Isabella’s support.

Additionally, the literature acknowledged his partner’s role in keeping him calm and aiding his recovery. He has openly shared about the incident and his journey to recovery on social media and in the blog.

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