Grlwood Allegations, Band Accused Of Rape: Wikipedia And Members Revealed


Rumors are circulating GrlWood Allegations of Rape. However, there is no prime evidence proving such. On the contrary, Sigur Ros’s drummer, Orri Pall Drason, was accused of rape. 

Meagan Boyd, a Los Angeles-based artist, said in a post on Instagram in late September that Sigur Ros drummer Orri Pall Drason had sexually abused her.

Similarly, she said that five and a half years earlier, on a night they spent together, Drason had intercourse with her against her will while she slept.

On the other hand, Grlwood band, as it exclaimed is, “A bracing and instantly attractive brand of indie punk, GRLwood’s music pays tribute to both catchy, hooky and magnetic power pop and riot grrrl touchstones from the ’90s.”

The singer of Grlwood has expressed in one of his interviews how sometimes it is hard to be yourself, and Perhaps the person you were before you began to think about society’s norms is who you are. It’s possible you’ve been looking for yourself or were always there but couldn’t see it.

Also, his songs are intended for people who believe their story is one of man versus himself or, more accurately, man versus the world.

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Grlwood Allegations: Is The Band Accused Of Rape?

There are no allegations stated for the band name Grlwood. They are not accused of rape.

On the other hand, the band’s drummer Sigur Ros, Orri Pall Dyrason, had been accused of raping Meagan Boyd.

Grlwood Allegations
Orri Pall Dosson has been the drummer for the well-known Icelandic rock band Sigur Ros. But, following the allegations of rape made by Meagan Boyd, a woman from Los Angeles, Orri Pall Dosson, has left the band. (Source: NPR)

Then, days after Meagan Boyd’s statement, on October 1, Sigur Rós revealed that Drason had left the group due to the allegation.

In Dyrason’s defense, he stated that he would try his best to get out of the nightmare and out of respect for those suffering from sexual abuse, he would not take that fight public.

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Who Are The Grlwood Members? Their Wikipedia Explored

The band Grlwood is led by the members who are also singer/songwriter Rej Forester and drummer Mia Morris.

As for their wikipedia, GRLwood, a Louisville, Kentucky-based band, describes their style as “scream-pop” with a bold gay punk attitude.

On June 15, their debut album, Daddy, was released, which was a hit considering how their songs revolved around the concepts of gender norms while also having an aggressive musical style.

Grlwood Allegations
On their track, “I Hate My Mom,” published on June 28, 2019, GRLwood rage against parental expectations and heteronormativity, just in time for LGBTQ+ Pride Month. (Source: Zumic)

The band received immense popularity and hype after their most recent release, the Roommate Wanted EP, and their 2020 EP, “I need to get off my phone.”

Likewise, in 2022, with their 2020 EP, I Need To Get Off My Phone, and their most recent release, the Roommate Wanted EP, the group, fronted by singer/songwriter Rej Forester and drummer Mia Morris, last made a big hit.

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