Graeme Souness Illness And Health Update 2023: Heart Disease Condition Now

Graeme Souness Illness

What is Graeme Souness illness? The Sky Sports Football Pundit’s health condition has slightly degraded recently.

Former professional football player Graeme James Souness hails from Scotland. After retirement, Souness served as a manager and television analyst. 

Souness played as a midfielder and led a prosperous career. Likewise, he played for the Liverpool squad in the early 1980s.

Souness was a player-manager of Rangers later in his career. Similarly, he has captained Scotland’s national squad internationally.

Also, he had stints with Sampdoria, Middlesbrough, and Tottenham Hotspur.

Before joining Liverpool, Souness began his management career by taking the helm at Rangers. Likewise, he managed the team to win four league cups and three Scottish championships.

Moreover, Souness has managed several clubs, including Galatasaray, Southampton, Torino, Benfica, Newcastle United, and Blackburn Rovers.

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Graeme Souness Illness

Former football star Graeme Souness has suffered from various illnesses, including heart disease. The retired midfielder battled back tears as he described suffering from heart disease.

Likewise, the generous athlete was sad to see a young girl suffering from Epidermolysis bullosa.

Souness said that the condition is the “cruelest disease out there.”  Moreover, the former Liverpool star intended to swim the English Channel to aid others with rare skin illnesses.

He planned to raise funds to help people suffering from the condition. After meeting Isla Grist from the Scottish Highlands, Souness was motivated to try out a 16-hour challenge. 

Graeme Souness Illness
Graeme Souness Illness: The Sky Sports Football Pundit raised charity for children with Epidermolysis Bullosa. (Source: Daily Record)

According to medical experts, EB is a severe skin-blistering hereditary disorder commonly known as “butterfly skin.

EB can affect any area of the body and internal organs in many cases. Likewise, the NHS classifies it as an autoimmune disease. Souness said on on BBC Breakfast:

The young girl inspires me every time. Even at this age, she inspires me.

For the Debra charity, the TV commentator raised nearly £1.1 million. Souness will transfer the funds to assist Isla and the 5,000 people in the UK.

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Graeme Souness Health Update 2023

Sky Sports Pundit Graeme Souness does not suffer from severe illness as of 2023. 

However, Souness revealed his diagnosis of a heart disease. He was 38 when he knew about his illness. Souness’s declining health left him asking, “How can this happen to me?”

Moreover, Souness launched a charity event to help others with genetic disorders. DERBA supports people with Epidermolysis Bullosa, also known as butterfly skin.

14-year-old girl Isla Grist had a recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. Souness took help from the organization to help those in need. He said: 

I have seen first-hand extreme pain the condition causes and the daily challenges it builds.

Moreover, Souness named Grist “an inspiring young girl” and lauded her bravery. 

Graeme Souness Heart Disease Condition Now

Former Liverpool legend Graeme Souness was in his late 30s (38) when he was diagnosed with a heart disease back in 1991. Likewise, he managed Liverpool at the time.

Souness revealed about his “extremely vulnerable” experience, suffering from the heart disease.

Moreover, the former footballer concedes the experience. He also had a surgery. Likewise, he recalls his diagnosis which sometimes left him “with tears rolling down his cheeks.”

In an interview, Souness told the British Heart Foundation (BHF) what life turned out after diagnosis and treatment for heart disease.

He was young and in great shape when he first had heart disease.

In 1991, the Souness wasn’t sleeping well. Also, he suffered from chest pains in bed. Moreover, his family has a history of heart disease.

Graeme Souness Illness
Graeme Souness Illness: The former football star was diagnosed with heart disease at 38. (Source: The Independent)

In 2015, the former Liverpool manager suffered a heart attack. On his heart attack, Souness said:

My heart attack was too scary but I’m still here. I thank god that I’m able to talk about it. Fortunately, it never caused me a lasting problem.

Since then, Souness served as a British Heart Foundation (BHF) ambassador. Similarly, he is involved in several campaigns and events. Also, he regularly visits BHF research labs.

As of now, Souness takes proper medication. Also, he takes good care of his health and inspires others to do the same.

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