Gordon Ryan Health Problems: What Happened To Him? Illness Age And Height

Gordon Ryan

If you’re wondering about Gordon Ryan health problems, you’re in the right place, as this article disseminates information about Ryan’s illness, age, and height.

Gordon Ryan is widely regarded as the most accomplished and dominant no-gi grappler in history. He has earned this reputation through his outstanding achievements.

The sportsman has an impressive track record, having won the ADCC World Championship five times, the IBJJF No-Gi World Championship twice, and the Eddie Bravo Invitational Championship four times.

Following an impressive six-month run as a brown belt, during which Gordon Ryan emerged victorious in prestigious tournaments like the Newaza Challenge and the World Championship, he was promoted to the rank of black belt in February 2016.

Garry Tonon, with the support of Tom deBlass, Ricardo Almeida, and John Danaher, presided over the ceremony, collectively bestowing the new belt rank upon Ryan.

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Gordon Ryan Health Problems: What Happened To Him?

To talk about Gordon Ryan health problems, recently, he faced health complications that led to his hospitalization and subsequent surgery.

As per Ryan’s statement, he fell ill with a severe case of strep throat following a trip to Abu Dhabi, which resulted in an extended hospital stay.

Despite receiving multiple rounds of antibiotics in an attempt to combat the infection, his throat continued to swell, causing concerns.

After 40 days of trying different antibiotic treatments, Ryan eventually found one that effectively subdued the infection.

Gordon Ryan health problems
Submission Grappling GOAT Gordon Ryan Signs With ONE Championship (Source: One Championship)

However, he then had to undergo tonsillectomy surgery as part of his treatment. As a result, Gordon’s timeline for returning to competition remains uncertain as he focuses on his recovery and regaining his health.

In addition to the severe strep throat, Gordon Ryan experienced exacerbated stomach issues.

It began with fungal growth in his small intestine, causing him to liken the sensation to an intense hangover.

Ryan described this condition as overwhelming discomfort, resembling the feeling of enduring the most severe hangover one could imagine.

The health problems associated with his stomach further contributed to the challenges he faced during this period.

Gordon Ryan illness

Unfortunately, while Gordon was undergoing treatment for his throat, his recurring stomach issues resurfaced.

As a result, the five-time winner of the ADCC World Championship has been unable to engage in training, let alone compete.

The sportsman expressed that this period of inactivity is the longest he has ever experienced since he began his training journey.

The relapse of his stomach problems has led to symptoms including nausea and loss of appetite, which he will need to address.

Gordon Ryan

Ryan is scheduled to undergo surgery for a tonsillectomy to correct his severely deviated septum.

He wanted to provide an update on his competition schedule, acknowledging that his return to the sport is uncertain at this time.

He expressed his hope to come back within the next few months, but the exact timeline will depend on his recovery and the resolution of his health issues.

Gordon Ryan age and height 

The most accomplished and dominant no-gi grappler was born in 1995, as of 2024, 28 years old.

Ryan has a height of 1.88 meters. In January 2023, he made an announcement stating that he had entered into a lucrative multi-fight contract with FloSports, which was worth a seven-figure sum.

The highly anticipated fourth fight between Ryan and Felipe Pena was originally slated to take place on February 25, 2023, at the Who’s Number One event.

Gordon Ryan
Watch Two Champion Strongmen Get ‘Humbled’ by Martial Arts Legend Gordon Ryan (Source: Men’s Health)

However, just two days before the match, he had to withdraw due to stomach issues that had plagued him throughout the week leading up to the event. As a result, Nick Rodriguez stepped in as his replacement.

Gordon’s absence from competition persisted throughout the first half of 2023. On May 22, he revealed that he had been dealing with a severe case of strep throat that did not respond to penicillin treatment.

As a result, he had to undergo a tonsillectomy to address the issue. This medical condition further delayed his return to the grappling scene.

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