Gladys Reyes Husband Christopher Roxas -Wedding Photos And Kids

Gladys Reyes Husband

Gladys Reyes husband, Christopher Roxas, stands as a steadfast companion, celebrating decades of love, shared dreams, and enduring togetherness in the dynamic world of Philippine showbiz.

Gladys Reyes is a prominent and versatile figure in the Philippine entertainment industry. Her multifaceted career spans acting, television hosting, entrepreneurship, and comedy.

With a career that began at an early age, Gladys has become one of the most celebrated actresses in the country, known for her exceptional talent and versatility.

Gladys Reyes made her debut in the entertainment scene as a child actress, gaining initial recognition by joining “Little Miss Philippines” in 1984.

Additionally, they operate Somereaux Catering and a frozen marinated meat business, showcasing their business acumen beyond the entertainment world.

Apart from her contributions to the entertainment industry, Gladys has engaged in philanthropic activities, contributing to the well-being of her community.

Her enduring career, coupled with a happy family life, reflects her resilience, talent, and positive influence in the Philippine entertainment landscape.

Gladys Reyes Husband Christopher Roxas

Christopher Roxas, born Jean-Christopher Sommereux in 1978, is not only the beloved husband but a steadfast pillar in Gladys Reyes’s life.

The couple’s love story blossomed on the set of the iconic teleserye “Mara Clara” in the 1990s, where their onscreen chemistry evolved into a real-life romance.

For nearly three decades, Christopher has been a constant presence, symbolizing a love that has endured the tests of time and challenges.

Gladys Reyes Husband
Christopher Roxas, born Jean-Christopher Sommereux in 1978, is the beloved husband of acclaimed Filipino actress Gladys Reyes. (Source: PEP)

Christopher’s identity extends beyond being Gladys’s life partner; he is a multi-talented individual, excelling as an actor, entrepreneur, and the proud father of their four children.

His commitment to their relationship is palpable in the heartfelt social media posts where he celebrates milestones and expresses profound affection for Gladys.

As a family man, actor, and entrepreneur, Christopher Roxas is an integral part of the Reyes-Roxas household, contributing to the enduring love and success that defines their remarkable journey together.

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Gladys Reyes And Christopher Roxas Wedding Photos

Gladys Reyes and Christopher Roxas embarked on their journey of marital bliss on January 23, 2004, in a jubilant celebration that marked the commencement of their lifelong commitment.

The wedding photos from this momentous occasion encapsulate the sheer radiance of the couple as they exchanged vows, enveloped by the warmth of family and friends.

Gladys, adorned in a stunning bridal gown, and Christopher, exuding elegance in his dapper wedding attire, stand as a picturesque representation of their deep love and happiness.

Gladys Reyes Husband
Gladys Reyes and Christopher Roxas’s wedding remains a cherished moment in Philippine showbiz history. (Source: GMA Network)

In 2018, the couple took another poignant step in their journey, reaffirming their vows in a picturesque ceremony attended by their industry colleagues.

This event added another layer to their enduring love story, symbolizing the continuous growth and strength of their bond.

The images from these ceremonies serve as cherished mementos, narrating the tale of a love that has gracefully evolved over the years.

Gladys Reyes Kids

Gladys Reyes and Christopher Roxas share a heartwarming family with their four cherished children. The eldest, Christoph, was born in 2006, Aquisha in 2008, Grant in 2011, and the youngest, Gavin, in 2017.

The Reyes-Roxas family radiates warmth and unity, evident in the closely-knit relationships captured in the family photos frequently shared on social media.

The household is a haven of love and laughter, with Gladys and Christopher finding immense pride in their unique and vibrant children.

Gladys Reyes Husband
Gladys Reyes and Christopher Roxas are proud parents to four wonderful children. (Source: GMA Network)

Each child brings a distinctive personality, contributing to the dynamic and joyous atmosphere that defines the Reyes-Roxas family.

The parents regularly express gratitude for the blessing of their children, taking moments to commemorate achievements, graduations, and various milestones.

Gladys and Christopher showcase the enduring strength of their family bonds, creating a narrative of love, support, and shared happiness that resonates throughout the years.

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