Giorgio Armani Net Worth: Career & Islands

Italian Fashion designer and a fashion icon best-known for his menswear and chain of Hotels and Restaurants, Giorgio Armani net worth is $9.53 Billion.

Mostly popular for men’s suits, Armani first launched the business in the mid-1970, and fortunately, it grew substantially.

His popularity skyrocketed in the 80s when his men’s power suits began appearing commonly among Hollywood actors in the hit series Miami Vice and American movies.

Since the establishment of Armani in 1975, it has diversified into luxury Hotels, music, and even sports.

Armani was praised as the most successful designer by 2001 and also accredited with pioneering red-carpet fashion.

Similarly, with massive stature of success in fashion, the company has diversified its expertise to other sectors.

In 2010 he inaugurated the Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and located in Dubai.

Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani

Apart from that, Armani is also the richest openly LGBTQ person in the world. He has been able to conquer the fashion world since the company’s inception and has been influential to top brands in the business.

Early Life

Giorgio Armani was born on July the 11th, 1934, in the northern Italian town Piacenza.

His father, Ugo Armani, was an accountant at a transport company, whereas his mother, Maria Raimondi, was a housewife.

He was raised with his younger sister Rosanna Armani and older brother Sergio Armani.

During his time in secondary school at the Liceo Scientifico Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan, he wished for a career in medicine, especially after reading A.J Cronin’s The Citadel.

He even attended the Department of Medicine at the University of Milan, but after three years, he left the university and joined the army.

It was 1953, and due to his history of medical studies, he was assigned to the military hospital in Verona, where he attended shows at the Arena.

He ultimately decided to change his career path.

Quick Facts

Full Name Giorgio Armani
Net Worth $9.53 Billion
Birth Date 11 July 1934
Known as Giorgio Armani
Age 89 years old
Birth Place Northern Italian town Piacenza, Italy
Religion Not Available
Nationality Italian
Ethnicity Not Available
Education Liceo Scientifico, University of Milan
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Father’s Name Ugo Armani
Mother’s Name Maria Raimondi Armani
Siblings Younger Sister Rosanna Armani and Older brother Sergio Armani.
Height 5 ft. 8 in (173 cm)
Weight 75 kg (165 pounds)
Sexual Orientation Bi-sexual
Hair Color White
Eye Color Dark Brown
Build Athletic
Profession Fashion Designer, Business Man
Endorsements Levi’s, Subaru Legacy, VISA, Honda, Sobieski Vodka, Eneos Service Station, Advance Auto Parts, Police Sunglasses
Active Years 1975-Present
Marital Status Married
Spouse Roberta Armani
Children No Children
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update April, 2024

Giorgio Armani Net Worth and Income

Fashion giant Giorgio Armani has an astounding net worth of over $9.53 Billion.

A significant portion of his gigantic net worth comes from the luxury clothing brand Giorgio Armani, which was established by Mr. Armani himself back in 1975.

Apart from that, he also earns a lot of fortune from his other business ventures and investments in Hotels, Restaurants, and music.

Armani retains the complete ownership of the privately-held company. Giorgio Armani generated $2.4 billion in revenue last year.

In addition to the clothes, the brand also markets perfume, baby clothes, home decorations, and expensive timepieces.

Armani signed a 10-year contract with the Luxottica Group, which billionaire Leonardo Del Vecchio owns to design and produce designer prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Apart from that, the designer has licensed his name for a chain of hotels, including a hotel that opened at Dubai’s Burj Khalifa in 2010 and a 96-room Hotel Armani Milan that opened in November 2011.

Some notable finances of Giorgio Armani

Year Source Value
2014 Market Value of Armani’s Yacht $50 Million
2014 The estimated value of Armani’s shares at eyeglasses manufacturing company, Luxottica $1.2 Billion
2013 The purchase value of Armani’s Skorpios island


$190 Million

Reportedly, on average, the billionaire fashion icon earns $2.3 Billion per year, $191 Million every month, $44.23 Million each week, and $8.84 million every day.

Giorgio Armani operates in 46 countries in the world and has approximately 500 retail stores.

The group’s retail network currently comprises Giorgio Armani boutiques 81, Emporio Armani stores 171, Armani Collezioni stores 17, Armani Exchange stores 165, and Armani Jeans stores 16, Armani junior stores 6, and Armani Casa stores 33.

Net Worth of Giorgio Armani in Different Currencies

Let’s have a look into Giorgio Armani’s net worth in different currencies as of 2021.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 8,038,316,750
Pound Sterling £ 6,917,398,150
Australian Dollar A$ 12,758,211,260
Canadian Dollar C$ 11,825,157,550
Indian Rupee ₹ 710,714,521,500
BitCoin ฿ 284,928.61

Giorgio Armani Houses, Islands, and Cars


With a gigantic net worth of $9.53 billion, Mr. Armani owns nine homes around the world.

These homes are placed in some of the most exotic places on planet earth, such as Milan, New York, Saint Tropez, France, and the Caribbean.

One of his many homes sits on the little-known island of Pantelleria.

Armani’s Pantelleria estate is called Cala Gadir, which offers seven houses with open-air terraces, a staff of 12 when he stays there and, an enormous pool.

He apparently bought the estate on the northeast coast in 1979, three years after his first visit to the island.

Saint Moritz mansion

Mr. Armani’s also rumored to have a house in snowy St. Mortiz as a secretive ski resort in the Swiss Alps where he often goes skiing.

This three-story home has a thick cover-up to guard the small windows, and just at the front is engraved the name of the house “Chesa Orso Bianco, or Polar Bear House,” which was presented by an earlier resident.

The complete house is majorly done with high-quality wood that gives it a sophisticated look.

Giorgio Armani House in Switzerland
Giorgio Armani House in Switzerland

The extravagant living room is decorated in dark brown wood with a fireplace and a taxidermy polar bear that looms in the living. The polar bear was a gift to Mr. Armani from a loved one.

The whole house has mahogany beams above, creating a mixture among the then and now aspects of the architecture.

The house has a Japanese-style sliding doors padding that provides a way to the dining room and kitchen. Likewise, the house also offers six bedrooms and has a wide top-floor master suite.

Manhattan Penthouse

Mr. Armani is also a 3,000 square foot penthouse on Manhattan’s Central Park West. Reportedly, he threw just around $17.5 million for this four-bedroom penthouse apartment in the heart of New York City.

The apartment boasts a church-like look and sits on 1,700 square feet terraces overseeing the gorgeous view of Central Park.

However, this is not the only apartment the fashion superstar owns in New York City. He also owns the apartment next door.

Antigua Villas

Similarly, Armani also owns a house on the Caribbean Island of Antigua.

This rather interesting villa sits on a cliff with a stunning view of Galley Bay on the island’s west coast.

The two elegant villas are named Serene and Villa Flower.

Giorgio Armani's Villa in Antigua
Giorgio Armani’s Villa in Antigua

The Cliffside retreat combines a stunning design pattern that would be confidently eye candy for anyone.

Several living and relaxation areas outdoors offer the perfect space for the designer to chit-chat with his dear ones.

Overseeing a stunning swimming pool in an outdoor dining area, including a slot top table furnished with dishes, cutlery, and Armani created rectangular shape bronze serving pieces.


Skorpios Island

Giorgio Armani acquired one of the most attractive islands, the Skorpios, for $190 million.

Reportedly, some of the big names such as Bill Gates, Madonna, and many more were also in the competition to get their hands on the piece of this stunning land, but Mr. Armani beat them all.

This is not just a piece of land surrounded by the ocean, but it also features a lavish estate known as the Pink House, which features a tennis court and an astonishing garden.


Mercedes-Benz CLK

One of the best cars owned by Mr. Armani is a Mercedes-Benz CLK. The car boasts a 6.2 liter V 8 engine which pumps 500 hp. This car is a pure blend of luxury and performance.

Reportedly this particular model of Mercedes is designed by the man himself.

Mr. Armani designs all the interior leather and stitching. In fact, Mercedes and Armani collaborated in 2003 for the design of the car.

Similarly, Mercedes is not the only brand that Armani is in collaboration with. Armani has laid their hands on other brands as well, such as Fiat, Bugatti Chiron.


Yacht Mariu

Mr. Armani’s previously owned Codecasa Mariu yacht was 49 meters and 161 ft. long, built out of steel and aluminum.

Mariu featured accommodations for 12 guests and 11 crew members. The yacht was named after his mother, Maria. Mr. Armani sold the Yacht in 2010.

Main Yachts

Mr. Armani possesses a 150-foot yacht “Main” designed by Milan-based designer Giancarlo Ortelli and a team of in-house architects.

Giorgio’s personalized yacht features a classy exterior design and maximum part of the exterior painted in anthracite grey, offering it a unique style.

The yacht landscapes a matt black anchorage rope and an elegant exterior design.

Giorgio Armani's Main Yacht
Giorgio Armani’s Main Yacht

The terrifically finished roomy interiors are stunningly decorated, displaying a unique blend of style and appeal.

The motor yacht also consists of a separate bar area and a good-looking spiral staircase.

The sleek floor offers ample space to catch some rays and enjoy other entertaining activities.

Lifestyle and Vacations


The irony is big billionaires are known for their hardcore regime in terms of day-to-day lifestyle.

Since they have billion dollars net worth, one might wonder why they need to follow the same routine daily.

But the thing is they are really strict with their work and daily activities, which keeps their bank stable.

As for Giorgio Armani, the formula is the same. He wakes up early in the morning, exercises, get done with breaky, and reads the newspaper.

His exercise routine starts with half an hour of a walk outside or on the treadmill, followed by some aerobics.

After that, he does some weight exercise to stay in shape for the all-day hustle.

But the term hustle in Armani’s life is rather different than the average person, if you know what I mean.

For daily breakfast, he does coffee, toast with honey, yogurt, and fresh juice with dried almonds.

Has your mind blown yet? Wait, there’s more.

After getting his morning routine done, he dresses up in a plain T-shirt and a blue sweater which, of course, are from his very own Armani.

Lunch & Dinner

If he happens to be at the Emporio Armani Café, he orders risotto or Pasts without tomato sauce in winter. During summer, he prefers salad Parmigianino cheese flakes or some truly fresh ricotta cheese.

He does like to host dinners for his loved ones. For dinner, he does simple Italian antipasti of mozzarella and tomatoes, ham and melon, followed by soup in winters.

Similarly, pasta al Pomodoro, risotto alla Milanese, or chicken or fish with vegetables.

And for dessert, it is either ice cream or a homemade cake.

Around 10 Pm he gets home and relaxes watching Netflix. He loved Narcos on Netflix and War and Peace on BBC series.

He also has two cats in his home in Milan named Angel and Mairi.


When you are a billionaire and have countless houses around the globe, you don’t need to take vacations. It’s like going on vacations every time you visit one of your own homes.

But Giorgio Armani liked one destination in Spain so much that he visits there once a year.

 Armani on a Vacation
Giorgio Armani on a Vacation

It’s the Island of Formentera, Spain.

Giorgio Armani chooses to visit the Island of Formentera in Spain to spend precious moments with his loved ones.

It has now become a vacation spot that he visits almost every year for relaxation and for creating new ideas for his businesses.


Not only rich with his millions, but Armani also seems to be rich at heart. Mr. Armani has helped and supported various causes and foundations.

Reportedly, Mr. Armani donated $2.2 Million to hospitals in Milan, Rome, Bergame, Versilia, and Piacenza during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Similarly, Giorgio Armani is a supporter of UNCHCR. The foundation is dedicated to protecting refugees and solving refugee-related problems globally.

He was also named as the goodwill ambassador for UNHCR in 2002.

Before Armani, Angelina Jolie and Adel Imam also served as the goodwill ambassador for UNHCR.

Likewise, Mr. Armani is also an active supporter of UNICEF, a foundation that ensures every child’s health, education, equality, and protection.

Furthermore, another foundation Mr. Armani supports is American Foundation For AIDS Research.

The foundation is dedicated to support and contribute to AIDS research, prevention, treatment, advocacy, and education. The foundation has generated millions of dollars for essential AIDS research.

Besides that, the Armani group has been actively involved in sustainable development with a plan of expanding green areas in nine different regions of the world.

The initiative has been taken to expand green areas in cities like London, New York, Tokyo, Mongolia, Australia, and Munich.

Movies, Investments & Book Publications


Though Mr. Armani has not appeared on screen for acting, he is a businessman, and a huge portion of his revenue is generated from the movie industry.

Whether it is Hollywood movies or Italian movies, Armani has laid his hands on both of them.

According to IMDB, he has 28 credits in the Custom and Wardrobe department, out of which most notable work includes Elysium, The Dark Knight, The Untouchables, and Inglorious Bastards.

This simply means the stars we see on theater or our screens are linked to Armani somehow.

From Brand Pitt to Johnny Deep and Samuel L. Jackson to Christian Bale, everybody has a wardrobe full of Armani clothes.

Apart from that, Armani has 8 credits as a custom designer and 3 as a producer.

He has produced three documentaries, including iLA, My Voyage to Italy, and Emporio Armani: A Private Party.


Over the years, Mr. Armani has invested hefty sums into real estate, expensive yachts, and business ventures.

Several brands are under the belt of the Armani Group; some of them are listed below.

The signature Giorgio Armani line

Emporio Armani

Targeted especially at the young specialized segment in the 25 to 35-year-old age group, the Emporio Armani brand delivers stylish designs relevant to the target customers.


It was made for everyone who loves extraordinary style and wants to make the most of their experience from sporting activity. This fashion label provides an extensive range of sport, including running, fitness, golf, and winter sports.

A/X Armani Exchange

This is the certified brand of the chain of retail outlets of Armani fashion house. This assists as the definitive evidence of the power of the brand.

By providing the complete range of its attires and accessories, Armani Exchange provides clients with the comprehensive feel of the comfortable fashion of Giorgio Armani.

Giorgio Armani Prive

This is Armani’s fashion design line developed in 2005 exclusive for the red carpet. This lie is targeted at the rich and famous.

Armani Collezioni

This brand is especially for those who cannot afford the mainline. The Armani Collezioni brand, with a price point of almost 20% lower than the mainline, provides an exceptional line of reasonable fashion.

Armani Hotels (hotels)

Armani extended into the hospitality business by remarkable a deal with Dubai-based property group Emaar in 2005 to develop a chain of Armani branded hotels and resorts.

It revealed its Armani Dwellings, a luxury collection of 144 private residential homes in Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world in 2007, and its Armani Hotel Dubai in the same building in 2010.

Hotel In Burj Khalifa Dubai
Armani Hotel In Burj Khalifa Dubai

Similarly, other brands under the mainline of Giorgio Armani includes Armani Jeans, Armani Junior, Armani Beauty (fragrances and cosmetics), Armani Casa (home collection), Armani-branded Dolci (confectionery), Armani-branded Fiori (flowers), Armani Ristorante, and Cafes (restaurants and cafes), Armani Clubs (premier nightclubs) and, Armani Silos (museum).

Books Publications

Even though Mr. Armani himself has written few books but has been featured in tons of them.

The book written by himself is an autobiography, Giorgio Armani.

Published in 2015, the book has 5 out of 5 ratings from Goodreads.

The book describes the life of Giorgio Armani from his childhood and encompasses the struggles and milestones of his career.


After finishing his military service, he quit the university and went to work as a window dresser at La Rinascente, a famous Milan department store.

He worked as a seller for the menswear department, where he gained the required experience in fashion and marketing.

He later joined Cerruti as a designer.

And with the help of later lover Sergio Galeotti, he started freelancing design works for other companies.

Armani used to freelance for companies like Hilton, Sicons, Allegri, Bagutta, and many more.

Sergio also encourages Armani to open a design office in Milan.

 Armani 2021
Giorgio Armani 2021

Armani grew international after participating in a runway show at Sala Bianca in the Pitti Palace in Florence.

Armani and Galeotti would later become partners by founding Giorgio Armani in July 1975, and the rest is history.

They started off launching women’s and men’s clothing.

In October of the same year, they presented the first collection of menswear for spring. The clothes were revolutionary at that time.

Armani began producing clothing lines for the United States in 1979 and introduced there, mainline for men and women.

Giorgio Armani is pretty private about his personal life. Still, it is a known fact that he is bisexual and was in a long-term relationship with business partner Sergio Galeotti until his demise in 1985.

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Facts about Giorgio Armani

  • Giorgio Armani is really interested in sports. In fact, he is the president of the Olimpia Milano basketball team.
  • Armani was appointed to create a new look for the director’s suite for Chelsea Football Club at Stamford Bridge.
  • Fashion was not even a dream. It was not until after his work in a departmental store he realized his true passion. He studied medicine for three years and also served in the army.


What is the cheapest Armani brand?

Armani Exchange is the more affordable and reasonable among the Armani family. It was launched in 1991.

Is Georgio Armani a good brand?

Georgio Armani is famous, specifically wealthy celebrities and movie stars; now, one can guess whether it is a good brand or not.

Is is Georgio Armanni or Emporio Armani?

Emporio Armani is the name of the clothing line which comes within the fashion label Georgio Armani.

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