George Winterling Obituary Cause Of Death And Health Before Demise

George Winterling

George Winterling obituary has been the most searched topic recently. The legendary meteorologist passed away on 2023 June 21 at the age of 91.

George Winterling, an esteemed American television meteorologist, will always be remembered as a legendary member of the Channel 4 team. He was dedicated to serving WJXT viewers for an impressive 47 years.

His remarkable career ended in 2009 when he decided to retire, leaving a lasting legacy.

Winterling held the position of Chief Meteorologist at WJXT, located in Jacksonville, Florida, for nearly half a century. He played a pivotal role in advancing modern forecasting techniques, revolutionizing the field during his tenure.

His innovative approach to meteorology gained recognition in 1964 when he accurately predicted the imminent danger posed by Hurricane Dora, which made landfall along the First Coast, becoming the first hurricane to do so since 1898.

Television weather forecasting has made significant progress since instruments such as rain gauges, thermometers, anemometers, and wind vanes were the only tools used.

Today, computers and satellites have become the primary tools of modern meteorologists, revolutionizing the accuracy and precision of weather predictions.

George Winterling Obituary 

George, Renowned meteorologist, died on June 21, 2023, at 91. Several respected media outlets reported his death, including Channel 4, First Coast News, and Jacksonville.

Winterling’s contributions to meteorology are memorable. He created the phrase humiture, which eventually became known as the heat index, to describe better how hot it felt outside to viewers.

George Winterling Obituary
George Winterling obituary: He passed at the age of 91. (Source: Jacksonville)

Former WJXT news anchor Mary Baer recalled cherished memories and reflections on his remarkable career in his heartfelt tributes to the meteorologist.

Similarly, WJXT news anchor Vic Micolucci mourned the loss, describing Winterling as an icon within the industry and an ideal of kindness, intelligence, humility, and philanthropy.

His impact on WJXT and the wider community is undeniable, and his memory will endure as a testament to his outstanding meteorological career.

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George Winterling Cause Of Death 

Although the exact cause of his death remains undisclosed by the media, it is evident that George’s departure has left a void in the hearts of many.

Born September 1, 1931, Winterling lived a remarkable life, ultimately passing away at 91.

He was known for his warm smile and kind heart, which endeared him to countless individuals. His sense of humor, which often found its way into his forecasts, added charm to his personality.

Moreover, he became interested in gardening after his mother started a victory garden during World War II.

George Winterling
For nearly 50 years, George served as the chief meteorologist for Jacksonville, Florida’s WJXT. (Source: news4jax)

He cultivated a garden at his residence and shared pictures and produce with his colleagues. In 1991, he initiated a garden at WJXT with the motivation of the station manager.

This venture led to the creation of a popular weekly segment, “George’s Garden,” where he provided valuable advice on planting, cultivation techniques, and nurturing practices.

For over half a century, he was a legendary figure in Jacksonville, a trusted source of weather-related information during critical events.

Esteemed journalist Donna Deegan acknowledged Winterling’s exceptional qualities, describing him as a beautiful human being, a proud Seminole, and someone who set the standard for credibility in television meteorology.

George Winterling Health Before Demise

Before his untimely passing, many people are curious about the health status of George Winterling.

As the longest-serving member of the Channel 4 family, he shared his incredible tale of overcoming a near-death experience in an interview with News4jax.

In September 2011, he experienced a sudden collapse at his residence, leaving him in a critical condition. When the emergency services team finally came, they found that his heart had stopped beating.

He underwent emergency heart surgery, spent several weeks in the hospital afterward, and underwent a protracted rehabilitation process.

George Winterling
George was hospitalized in 2011 because of cardiac arrest. (Source: Jacksonville)

After his difficult recovery, he returned to WJXT to resume his weather broadcasting duties. On November 21, 2011, he made a special appearance on the morning show, providing his valued insights to the viewers.

Until his unfortunate demise on June 21, 2023, there had been no reports or indications of any illness or health-related problems.

Unfortunately, the details regarding his health condition leading up to his passing remain unknown.

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