George Tapan Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Photographer?

George Tapan Wikipedia

George Tapan, a Filipino photographer with 50 years of experience, showcases the stunning beauty of the Philippines through his storytelling photographs.

George Tapan is a renowned travel photographer. He is well-recognized for his exceptional work capturing the beauty of various destinations in the Philippines and worldwide.

With decades of experience in photography, Tapan has gained numerous awards and accolades for his stunning images.

Moreover, George has traveled extensively throughout the Philippines, Southeast Asia, China, and Europe, capturing breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cultures, and compelling moments.

Tapan’s photographs often feature a unique perspective that adds depth and personality to his composition, distinguishing them from ordinary travel snapshots.

He emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s tools, mastering composition techniques and embracing the authenticity of the photographed subjects and locations.

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George Tapan Wikipedia

George Tapan’s Wikipedia provides comprehensive information about his career and life.

George Tapan Wikipedia
George Tapan is an accomplished photographer. (Source: Facebook)

George is a highly acclaimed travel photographer. He is known for his exceptional talent in capturing the beauty of various destinations worldwide.

Moreover, the photographer has received numerous prestigious awards, including two Pacific Asia Tourism Association (PATA) Gold Awards, an ASEAN Tourism Association award, and first place in the 2011 National Geographic Photo Contest.

Tapan’s work has been celebrated for its ability to show the stunning landscapes and the rich cultural heritage of the places he visits.

With a career spanning several accolades, the celebrated artist has traveled extensively throughout the Philippines, Southeast Asia, China, and Europe, documenting the diverse and captivating scenes he encounters.

His photographs often feature a unique perspective, emphasizing the connection between people and their environment.

Mr Tapan’s passion for photography is evident in his commitment to sharing his knowledge and experiences with others.

Also, George is an inspiration to many new comers and passionate photographers who wish to become like him.

George Tapan Age: How Old Is The Photographer?

George Tapan, the renowned travel photographer, is 74 years old.

Despite his age, George continues to be a prominent figure in photography, particularly in showing the beauty of the Philippines to a global audience.

With a career spanning five decades, the travel photographer has consistently produced captivating images highlighting various destinations across the country, earning him the title of the master travel photographer.

Throughout his illustrious career, Tapan’s photographs have graced DOT campaigns, travel marts, airport terminals, and publications, contributing significantly to promoting Philippine tourism.

Despite his age, George’s passion for photography remains unwavering, and he continues to embark on a journey to capture stunning images of landscapes, cultures, and people.

His dedication to the craft and his relentless pursuit of excellence serve as an inspiration to aspiring photographers and enthusiasts alike.

George Tapan Family

George Tapan, a renowned photographer, has made a mark in the photography world and passed on his passion to his family.

George Tapan Wikipedia
George Tapan with his family. (Source: Philstar)

Furthermore, Lisa, his wife has always supported him through thick and thin staying by his side when he was at his lowest in his life.

His sons, Harold and Harvey, have followed in their father’s footsteps, inspired by his dedication to the craft.

Harold, the eldest, learned the ropes by assisting his dad in the studio, mastering the art of lighting and improvisation. 

Moreover, Harold has carved out a successful corporate photography and videography career.

Meanwhile, Harvey, inheriting his father’s adventurous spirit, has delved into various projects, from travel photography to outdoor sports.

Despite trying other career paths, Harvey found that photography was his calling. Their father’s influences run deep, as George’s father initiated the family tradition of photography.

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