Galey Alix Ex Fiance Wiley Cerilli, Dating Timeline Age Gap And Instagram

Galey Alix Ex Fiance

Galey Alix is a household when it comes to houses and interior designing on a TV show. Discover the renowned TV personality, and Galey Alix Ex Fiance, Wiley Cerili.

Galey Alix is a well-known interior designer, DIY home improvement pro, an experienced Wall Street executive. She has gained a huge reputation in recent years as the creator of Instagram and TikTok viral videos.

Her desire to make people’s lives better by making their surroundings better drives her weekend design side business. She is a finance executive who is passionate about bringing attention to mental health problems.

Alix is renowned for her unique and varied approach to interior design. She also proudly owns Galey Alix Design, an interior design firm with a wide range of services that focuses on creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

However, the fans have frequently raised questions regarding her past love life. Continue reading to find out about Galey Alix Ex Fiance.

Galey Alix Ex Fiance

 Galey was publicly in a relationship with businessman Wiley Cerilli. The two began their journey together in 2018 but however Galey called it quits in May 2021.

Wiley apparently learned about the renovation specialist’s eating disorder. She alleged that he responded in an entirely different way, refusing to help her through the struggle.

Shortly after their talk, it appeared that Wiley packed Galey’s luggage and sent her back to her house in Florida because he apparently believed that he had been misled. 

Galey Alix had moved from Connecticut to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2020 to start her love life and professional career during the start of their relationship. They were engaged for a year before she shifted to Florida.

Galey and Wiley had been preparing to wed for a year prior to this tragedy. Allison Mahoney, an attorney, is the current fiance of Wiley. It was obvious that Galey was having a very difficult time coping with both the breakup and her various health issues.

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Galey Alix Dating Timeline And Age Gap

Galey Alix is 29 years old. The decor artist was born on November 11, 1993. At the same time, Wiley was born in 1980.

The former couple’s age gap is around 13 years. It is hard to say his proper age as he is a relatively private person. His Instagram account is private, with no access to the public.

Wiley graduated 17 years ago from Syracuse University. Soon after his freshman year ended, he worked for a startup in New York City.

Alumnus Wiley Cerilli delivered the keynote address at the iSchool’s Convocation ceremonies on May 13, 2017. (Source: YouTube)

Since then he went on to found several successful companies of his own, including online food ordering pioneer Seamless, and online business identity management firm Single Platform, which he subsequently sold to Constant Contact for $100 million in 2012.

However, her enthusiasm for design, talent, and accomplishments considerably outweigh her little height.

Her accomplishments in the design industry and support for mental health awareness are examples of her abilities and tenacity.

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Wiley Cerili Instagram

Wiley Cerili has an Instagram account with just 708 followers.  The entrepreneur is not verified, and also the account is private. 

Galey Alix Ex-Fiance is a private person with very less exposure to the media. He seems to work hard trying to keep himself away from the media and unwanted attention.

Galey only accepts selective people to be his followers and following. (Source: Instagram)

Talking about his ex-fiance, Galey has become a  household figure in the design industry, with more than 4.5 million social media followers across different platforms.

Galey’s eye for design instantly captivated millions of people on social media. Her viral footage showing off remarkable makeovers of residences, flats, and commercial spaces has made her a popular figure in design.

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