Furio Benussi Wikipedia: Boat Sailor Age Wife And Family

Furio Benussi Wikipedia

Furio Benussi Wikipedia: He is a prominent figure in professional sailing, known for his diverse roles as a sailor, team manager, and environmental advocate.

Furio Benussi is a renowned figure in the world of professional sailing, known for his exceptional skills as a sailor, helmsman, tactician, tailer, and team manager.

Born in Trieste, Italy, he has spent over 15 years managing boats in regattas and related events, earning numerous international sporting accolades.

Benussi is currently the team manager of the Fast and Furio sailing team. This highly successful team has secured a plethora of world, European, and Italian titles.

They have also achieved victories in prestigious regattas like the Giraglia Rolex Cup, the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, the Rolex Middle Sea Race, the Barcolana, and more.

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Boat Sailor Furio Benussi Wikipedia

Furio Benussi does not have an individual Wikipedia page dedicated to him at the current time.

However, his accomplishments and contributions to the world of professional sailing are well-documented in various sailing-related publications, team websites, and news articles.

The team manager’s sailing career is characterized by his leadership and expertise as a sailor, helmsman, tactician, and tailer.

He has been an integral part of the ARCA SGR – FAST and FURIO Sailing Team, a 100-foot Maxi Yacht, along with his brother, Gabriele Benussi, who serves as the team’s tactician.

Together, they have achieved an impressive list of accomplishments.

This includes four world titles, four European titles, and two Mediterranean Championships.

Additionally, they have secured four Maxi Rolex Cup victories, 11 Italian titles, eight victories in the Giro d’Italia a Vela, and two first places in the prestigious King’s Cup regatta in Palma de Mallorca, among others.

Furio Benussi Wikipedia
Furio Benussi is now team manager of the Fast and Furio sailing team. (Source: ANSA)

In 2022, the Fast and Furio Sailing Team maintained their winning streak with numerous Line Honors victories in events like Tre Golfi Regatta, 151 Miglia Regatta, Viareggio – Bastia – Viareggio, and 51st Bernetti Trophy.

They also secured a notable second place in the Giraglia Rolex Cup after a fiercely competitive offshore regatta.

Beyond his competitive success, he is deeply committed to environmental causes.

His team plays a vital role in raising awareness about pressing environmental challenges, aligning with the goals of the One Ocean Foundation.

In 2020, he and his team participated in major Mediterranean regattas, such as the 151 Miglia, Giraglia, Palermo Montecarlo, Maxi, Barcolana, and Venice Hospitality Challenge, all while championing the cause of safeguarding the seas.

Furio Benussi Age

Regrettably, the text and my knowledge database, as of September 2021, do not contain specific information regarding Furio Benussi’s age.

It’s worth noting that personal information such as age may not always be publicly available, especially for individuals who are not widely known outside their specific fields or industries.

It is also possible that his age has been disclosed or has become accessible in more recent sources or updates.

Furio Benussi Wife And Family

Furio Benussi’s personal life remains relatively private in the provided text.

While there is mention of his association with Elisa Pacorini through shared pictures and occasional sightings, the nature of their relationship remains unconfirmed.

The text does not delve further into details regarding his family or marital status, leaving these aspects undisclosed.

However, the team manager does offer glimpses into his family life through shared pictures, notably celebrating his daughter’s graduation in October 2022.

Furio Benussi Wikipedia
Furio Benussi is pictured with his partner, Elisa. (Source: Facebook)

In one heartfelt post, he commented, “Brava pupa una bella cosa,” which translates to “Good girl, a beautiful thing.”

These posts reflect his appreciation for and pride in his family, with a particular focus on his daughter’s achievements.

While Benussi’s professional sailing accomplishments are well-documented, he maintains a degree of privacy regarding his personal life.

This discretion allows him to balance his public image as a renowned sailor with his personal connections and family celebrations.

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