Faith Jenkins Husband Kenny Lattimore, Children And Dating Timeline

Faith Jenkins

Faith Jenkins Husband, Kenny Lattimore, is an American R&B singer, songwriter, and producer. Explore their family dynamics and dating timeline in this informative article.

Faith Jenkins is a remarkable American attorney, legal commentator and television persona. Acclaim found its way to her as she presided over cases on an extended running courtroom program called Divorce Court between 2020 and 2022.

Additionally, broadcasting giant Judge Faith featured Faith Jenkins as their arbitrator with televised rulings inside their courtroom walls.

She began exploring Law at the elite Law Firm Sidley Austin in New York City, which built her base for litigation practices before joining the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

Where she handled investigating prosecutions of criminals in the official capacity of Assistant District Attorney post-inclusion.

MSNBC was attracted by her proven skills, which laid the foundation for later welcoming Ms. Jenkins’ craft into their premises, where they’d benefit from having access to such talented personnel now operating within their company ranks.

Faith Jenkins Husband, Kenny Lattimore

The weddings of Faith Jenkins and Kenny Lattimore proved to be an enchanting affair taking place within Los Angeles’ First Congregational Church in March of 2020.

The loving couple shared touching messages and captivating images detailing every moment of their once-in-a-lifetime event.

Faith highlighted her beauty that day by wearing a mesmerizing strapless A-line gown featuring exquisite lace-up detailing completed with a long sheer veil.

At the same time, Kenny looked suave in his double-vested tuxedo shining brightly with its golden buttons.

Faith Jenkins Husband
Faith Jenkins is married to her Husband Kenny Lattimore. (source: tuko)

Born on April 10th, 1970, in Washington D.C., Kenny Lattimore has cemented his prominence throughout the music industry since he initially entered in ’88’, marking quite a remarkable journey thus far.

In ’94,’ he signed up to Columbia Records, under whom he released his chart-topping eponymous album titled “Kenny Lattimore,” containing hits such as “For You” and “Never Too Busy.”

He has landed countless Grammy nominations for praiseworthy work and is highly lauded for winning Best New Artist at the prestigious Soul Train Music Awards ceremony.

Together with their daughter, they bask in the joys of familial harmony and happiness.

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Faith Jenkins Children

The arrival of Skylar Leigh Lattimore has brought immense joy to the lives of happily married couple Faith Jenkins and Kenny Lattimore.

Sharing her happiness with friends & family on August 11th, 2022, via social media platforms- Faith expressed sheer anticipation about welcoming their upcoming “little human.”

As of January 2023, both parents announced Skylar’s birth through a touching video that captured her tiny hand moments after birth.

Faith Jenkins
The touching video on Kenny’s Instagram captured Skyler’s tiny hand moments after birth. (source: Instagram)

Throughout this beautiful journey towards parenthood, both supportive partners demonstrated deep appreciation towards each other.

Especially since it was received in such transformative times when becoming parents together can create many changes in one’s life!

By praising Kenny as an incredible father while empathizing strongly with him as an adoring husband, as stated by his lovely wife, we acknowledge that he provided Love and unwavering support at different phases.

Both parents are thankful to their friends and family for their consistent prayers and kind messages; an appreciation is warranted by the hard work of welcoming a new little member to the family. 

Faith Jenkins Dating Timeline

Faith Jenkins has been entirely private when it comes to discussing past relationships or dating experiences.

Still, we do know that currently (as of 2023), she is enjoying motherhood while deeply committed to being a wife alongside Kenny Lattimore.

There have been zero reports on other romances outside this partnership we see today. Specifically highlighting where she’s at in this chapter.

Her attention is taken up entirely by relishing every moment of being a mom and creating memories alongside her spouse and new baby girl.

Regardless of what relationships looked like in the past, Faith is now fulfilled through establishing this serene family life with Kenny.

Focusing on the current inception of her present and future, she shows appreciation for all the positivity that accompanies relationship growth and motherhood.

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