Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez Everman Texas Missing Boy Found Dead? Case Update

Noel Rodriguez Alvarez

Was Everman Texas missing boy found dead? As per the authorities, the search into the 6-year-old’s disappearance is still ongoing and is now being investigated as a homicide. Read on for more information regarding the disappearance of the missing Everman boy.

Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez was last seen in October, while his mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, gave birth to twins at the hospital.

Unsettling new information regarding the case, including another possible cause for the disappearance of the missing Everman youngster, was revealed in the search warrant affidavit for his place of residence.

When police checked the family’s well-being on March 20, Noel wasn’t there. According to Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer, Rodriguez-Singh, her husband, and six additional children boarded an aircraft two days later and flew to India.

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Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, Everman Texas Missing Boy Found Dead?

Noel is most likely dead, as Spencer stated at a news conference on Thursday. He also stated,

“Based on the totality of the circumstances, along with the evidence available to us at this time, it has led to a very unfortunate, unimaginable, and devastating conclusion.’

No deceased person has been discovered. The police stated that certain investigations have already started and are attempting to figure out other sites to search.

Dogs trained to find human bones have been used in the search for Noel, and the family’s rental property’s recently poured concrete porch has also been dug up.

The Texas Department of Family Services requested officers check on the boy’s well-being on March 20, when the search began.

Rodriguez-Singh asserted that Noel was in Mexico at the time, which investigators ultimately found to be untrue.

Everman Texas Missing Boy Found Dead (Everman Texas Missing Boy Found Dead)
Authorities initially issued an Amber Alert after Noel was reported missing on March 25 in Everman, Texas, which is about 12 miles south of Fort Worth. (Source: KWTX)

According to the warrant, there were reports inside the family that Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez had been slain or sold by his mother, Cindy, when police were initially notified anonymously by a family member last month.

The warrant also contains information about the alleged abuse that Cindy’s brother allegedly saw around a year ago when Cindy and her kids were last at his place.

Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez Case Update

According to Everman police, Noel’s disappearance is now being considered a  death investigation.

There were no warrants for Rodriguez-Singh, her husband, or the other kids when they boarded the flight to India, and nothing else would have barred them from doing so.

As stated by Spencer, federal authorities are assisting, and an official reported that a criminal investigation is ongoing.

When investigators questioned Cindy’s brother, he revealed that the missing boy’s mother had informed her mother that she had sold Noel to an unidentified woman at Fiesta Market.

He stated that Cindy later said she could not get in touch with the woman because she was afraid of being reported to CPS.

No more information was provided regarding this potential transaction’s precise time or location.

According to interviews with family members and a witness, she may have been harsh toward Noel, depriving him of water and food and even beating him with her keys at one point.

Rodriguez-Singh had remarked that the youngster was “evil” or “possessed,” according to the police, who said that detectives later discovered this information.

Last week, the police provided an update on the investigation. They said they were still collaborating with federal agencies to track down Cindy Rodriguez Singh and the Indian family.

Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez
Texas Amber Alert updated to Endangered Missing Alert for 6-year-old Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez (Source: abc 13)

At the Everman residence last week, they searched beneath the concrete for evidence but found nothing.

The police chief claimed at the time that he hadn’t seen any proof that established Noel’s life or death.

Anybody who might have encountered him in the previous year is still encouraged to provide them with information.

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