Ethan Klein Parents: Gary Klein, Donna Klein

Ethan Klein Parents

Who are Ethan Klein parents? Fans have noticed the famous YouTuber’s family life, fueling rumors about his upbringing. 

Ethan Klein is a well-known American “YouTube” personality. Likewise, the famous influencer is most known for his response films on his h3h3Productions ‘YouTube channel.

Moreover, Klein co-manages the channel with his wife, Hila Klein. Likewise, it has gained over six million subscribers and was selected ‘Reddit’s’ ‘YouTube Channel of the Year’ in 2016. 

Klein started his work as a marketing professional in Israel. In 2013, the YouTuber produced a few movies for Hila’s college projects and uploaded them on his ‘YouTube’ handle, h3h3Productions.

Besides, Klein joined the channel in 2011. When the videos gained attention from global audiences, he felt compelled to make more of them.

Moreover, Ethan owns a podcast channel where he live-streams interviews with several celebrities.

Ethan and his wife, Hila, have a second collaboration channel with millions of subscribers. Fans not only see him as a fantastic “YouTuber” but also as a humanitarian.

Ethan has become one of YouTube’s most beloved and famous personalities, partly due to his amusing videos, which frequently include his lovely banter and distinct sense of humor.

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Meet Ethan Klein Parents: Gary Klein And Donna Klein

YouTuber and podcast host Ethan Klein became notorious on various social media platforms after he appeared in a podcast with Trisha Paytas, who clearly didn’t know what gravity is; hence passing a statement that “we don’t need gravity.

Ethan Klein was born to Gary Klein and Donna Klein on 24 June 1985. The 38-year-old YouTuber represents an Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.

Ethan Klein Parents family
Ethan Klein Parents: . (Source: Insider)

Ethan’s father, Gary Klein, and his mother, Donna Klein, admitted him to Buena High School.

Furthermore, Ethan made his parents proud, after University of California accepted his admission form to pursue a degree in Creative Writing.

Speaking of his additional family members, Ethan’s grandfather, Leonard Katzman, is a film and TV producer.

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Ethan Klein Wife And Married Life Explored

Content creator Ethan Klein’s wife, Hila Klein, is an Israeli-American YouTuber, designer, and businesswoman. Likewise, she is known for co-creating the popular YouTube channel h3h3Productions.

She was born on 12 December 1986 to parents of Libyan and Turkish origin. Likewise, Hila’s parents reared her in Israel. 

Ethan Klein Parents wife
Ethan Klein Parents: The YouTuber and his wife are parents to their son Theodore. (Source: Sportskeeda)

Hila, like all Israeli residents over the age of 18, served in the Israel Defense Forces. In 2007, she met her husband, Ethan Klein, while she was in the military, and he was on a Birthright trip to Israel.

She co-hosts the h3h3Productions channel with her husband and is the co-founder and CEO of the American streetwear Company Teddy Fresh. 

Hila first met Ethan Klein in Israel, at the Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem, in 2007 while serving in the Israel Defense Forces. 

Ethan and Hila Klien are the joyful parents of Theodore. In 2019, the YouTube stars welcomed their first child, which Ethan announced on Twitter.

In February 2022, Hila gave birth to her and Ethan’s second child, a son called Bruce.

Hila and Ethan dated for several years before tying the knot and establishing a family. Likewise, the two tied the knot in October 2012.

Net Worth Of Ethan Klein 

Ethan Klein’s net worth is estimated at $20 million as of this writing. He is one of the co-founders of the h3h3Productions YouTube channel, uploading response videos, sketch comedy, and vlogs.

Most of his fortune stems from his successful YouTuber, comedian, and producer career. The channel is still going strong, with over 5 million subscribers.

Despite his achievements, Klein has had a few legal difficulties. He and his wife were sued for criticizing another director, Matt Hosseinzadeh, for using parkour to pursue a love interest in a film.

They had taken parts from his video, which he said violated his intellectual property rights.

However, the court declared that Kleins’ video critiquing his work was “fair use as a matter of law.” Hence, the ruling was a big relief not just for Klein but also for the YouTube community.

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