Where Is Erik Per Sullivan Now? Wikipedia Bio Age And Net Worth

Erik Per Sullivan

Where Is Erik Per Sullivan Now? Many people have wondered about the actor’s whereabouts since he last made an appearance in the film “Twelve” in 2010. Continue reading to learn the reason behind his sudden departure from the movie industry.

Erik Per Sullivan is an American former actor who is renowned for portraying the role of Dewey, the younger brother to middle child Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) on the Fox series “Malcolm in the Middle.”

The former actor was a super-talented child actor who was known to be charming when he first started in the late 1990s to early 2000s.

Per kept performing after Malcolm in the Middle ended in both television and movies until he was nineteen years old, but after that, he stopped acting.

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Where Is Erik Per Sullivan Now?

The actor appeared in numerous series in addition to Malcolm In The Middle, which ran from January 9th, 2000, to May 14th, 2006, when it was canceled. However, he made the quick decision to withdraw from the public eye starting in the year 2010, which is when we last heard from him. He hasn’t been seen or heard from in Hollywood since that time.

In the year 2020, when the pandemic was at its worst and face-to-face interaction between people was scarce, the cast of the Malcolm In The Middle television series decided to hold a virtual reunion. Erik was the only one not present. Why he failed to appear is unknown.

Erik Per Sullivan Now
Erik Per Sullivan a few years ago enjoying his Summer Vacation (Source: Instagram)

Sullivan didn’t have a good cause to stop performing and retire early. Some people believed that he simply desired for his adult life to be completely different from his upbringing so that he could enjoy privacy as a regular citizen would.

Many of his followers still miss him today, with some remembering how talented the performer was when he was younger. “We want to see him, but he doesn’t want to be seen,” a fan stated. “I believe we should respect his right to privacy.”

Erik Per Sullivan Wikipedia Bio and Age 

Sullivan was born on July 12, 1991, in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is the only child of Irish-born Fred Sullivan, owner of the Mexican restaurant The Alamo, and Ann Sullivan, who was born in Sweden and became a US citizen in 2007.
As of 2024, he is 32.

He can communicate in Swedish, and his family used to travel to Sweden almost annually. He started learning the piano and the saxophone at an early age and in taekwondo, he holds a first-degree black belt.

Per attended Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire and Mount Saint Charles Academy in Rhode Island for his academic training. He started going to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles in 2009.

He played Dewey, Malcolm’s younger brother, on the Fox sitcom Malcolm in the Middle from January 9, 2000, to May 14, 2006. He co-wrote the afterword to the children’s book Together, which is about farming, and was motivated by the nonprofit Heifer International, in 2005 with Malcolm co-star Jane Kaczmarek.

Erik Per Sullivan
Erik Per Sullivan’s childhood photo with his brothers (Source: Instagram)

Sullivan played the title role in the independent film Mo (2007) and voiced Sheldon the Seahorse in both the animated film Finding Nemo and its video game tie-in. He had a starring role in the 2004 film Christmas with the Kranks and has played a variety of characters in film and on television.

When the artist was 18 years old, he made his final acting role in the movie Twelve in 2010. Since then, he has maintained a quiet profile, notably skipping multiple cast reunions for Malcolm in the Middle.

Erik Per Sullivan Net Worth

Erik was estimated to be $3 million net worth even though he hasn’t been seen on our television screens in quite some time as per various sources. He earned the most of this money while still a child actor.

Erik Per Sullivan
The “Malcolm in the Middle” actor, Erik Per Sullivan (Source: Instagram)

During his time in the spotlight, Erik won a lot of honors. He was nominated five times for the “Young Star Awards” in 2001 and 2002 and won the award twice for Best Young Ensemble Cast: Television in 2000 and Best Ensemble in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) in 2003.

In 2002 and 2003, he received a nomination for “Teen Choice Awards” in the category of TV: Choice Sidekick.

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