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Eric Smith

Eric M. Smith is an American criminal who committed a heinous act at the age of thirteen. Here is some information about Eric Smith parents, Tammy and Ted Smith.

He killed a four-year-old child named Derrick Joseph Robie on August 2, 1993, in Steuben County, New York.

In 1994, Smith was found guilty of second-degree murder and was given the most severe punishment for juvenile offenders: a prison sentence of nine years to life.

After serving 27 years in prison, Smith was granted parole in October 2021 and released in February 2022.

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Eric Smith Parents, Tammy And Ted Smith

There is little known about Eric Smith parents, Tammy and Ted Smith. Information regarding Smith’s parents is not released in order to protect their privacy.

Eric received a conviction for second-degree murder and was given the most severe punishment then applicable for juvenile offenders, which was a minimum sentence of nine years to life in prison, on August 16, 1994.

He expressed his reluctance to spend the rest of his life behind bars, surrounded by walls, razor wire, and steel bars, and has expressed remorse for his actions in interviews.

Eric Smith parents
Man who killed 4-year-old as teen blames anger over bullying (Source: AP News)

After spending three years in a juvenile facility, he was transferred to an open prison for young adults, followed by a maximum-security prison, Clinton Correctional Facility, in Dannemora, New York, in 2001.

On May 3, 2016, records from the NYS Department of Corrections indicated that Smith was serving his sentence in Collins Correctional Facility, a medium-security prison for male inmates in Erie County, New York.

He was later transferred to the Gowanda Correctional Facility, another medium-security prison co-located with Collins Correctional Facility, on April 26, 2019.

On November 30, 2019, he was recorded as being detained at the Woodbourne Correctional Facility, located in Sullivan County. Once there is an update on Eric Smith parents we will include those details soon. 

Eric Smith siblings 

Holly Soles is the younger sister of Eric Smith, who, at the age of 13, was convicted of murdering a four-year-old child named Derrick Robie and has been imprisoned for the past 27 years.

Soles expressed her belief that people deserve a second chance and shared that she personally knew Derrick, as Savona is a small village where most people know one another.

She was shocked to learn that her brother had committed such a heinous act. Smith received nine years to life in prison.

Eric Smith
“48 Hours” previews “Eric Smith: Gambling on a Killer” (Source: YouTube)

Soles empathized with the Robie family, acknowledging that she could not imagine what they had gone through and how they must be feeling now that Smith had been granted parole.

Despite his past actions, Soles mentioned that Eric had taken up Christianity and had become devoted to it.

After his appearance before the parole board, Smith was granted parole and sent an email to Soles informing her of the decision.

Eric Smith family 

As we have discussed, Eric’s family and their information are not made public to protect their privacy.

Smith had to stay in prison until he found a suitable residence, and eventually, he was released in February at the age of 42 and moved to Queens, New York City.

Despite this, Ms. Robie, the victim’s mother, does not concern herself with his whereabouts or activities, as long as he stays away from her family and friends.

Eric Smith
Freckle-faced killer Eric Smith, freed on parole at 42, says he’s engaged (Source: CBS News)

Savona, a small village of around 800 people near New York’s Finger Lakes region, was where the tragic incident occurred on August 2, 1993.

Derrick had gone to a nearby summer camp, and it was the first time his mother had allowed him to go home.

Unfortunately, Smith lured him into the woods by offering a shortcut, then killed him using rocks after beating and strangling him.

When Ms. Robie discovered that her son had not arrived at the park, she reported him missing. A few hours later, Derrick’s lifeless body was discovered in the nearby woods.

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