Eric Maigo Family And Parents: Mother Dinah Onchari And Father Zebedeo Onchari Nyakwana

Eric Maigo Family

Who are Eric Maigo family members? After new revelations emerged about the mysterious killing of Maigo, her parents spoke about the night he was stabbed. 

Eric Maigo was an acting finance director of Nairobi Hospital. Shockingly, he was stabbed to death nearly two weeks back.

Maigo was born on 26 November 1986. Likewise, he died at 36.

Eric completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Nairobi. Similarly, he received a Master’s degree in MSC Finance at the same university.

Eric was a talented finance expert. Likewise, he had an impressive track record in the financial services business.

Moreover, Maigo had extensive experience and knowledge in financial reporting. Also, he studied risk management and planned business strategy for various companies.

Unfortunately, Maigo was stabbed in September 2023. Also, the senior staffer at the Nairobi Hospital was brutally killed in a defense, as suggested by media sources. 

The finance director’s brutal murder case received global attention. Likewise, this also led to the most considerable murder investigation.

Maigo’s murder investigation has recently become the most extensive criminal case in the nation.

The media’s portrayal of the Eric Maigo family has become a significant conversation topic, piquing the interest of a global audience.

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Eric Maigo Family Background

Eric Maigo is the son of Zebedeo Onchari Nyakwana and Dinah Onchari. Likewise, his family represents the Kisii ethnic group.

However, less is revealed about Maigo’s family as of this writing. As per the sources, the suspect’s family is implicated in the murder of Maigo.

Eric Maigo Family and parents
Eric Maigo Family: A minor woman is linked to the Nairobi Hospital finance director’s murder. (Source: Tuko)

The Nairobi Hospital Finance Director’s death finally caused his family to break their silence.

It has now been enlightened that the suspect was at her mother’s residence. She was there till past 11 p.m. on that fateful night.

Eric Maigo was seen partying with three women on the day he was murdered. Likewise, he was celebrating at a club along Ngong Road around 10 p.m.

Meanwhile, in Kibra’s sprawling slums, a teenage girl and her mother brawled over food. In the morning, the mother discovered that her daughter had vanished at night.

Moreover, CCTV footage showed the teenager’s presence five blocks from the murder location.

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Eric Maigo Parents, Dinah Onchari And Zebedeo Onchari Nyakwana

Eric Maigo was born to Zebedeo Onchari Nyakwana and Dinah Onchari. Likewise, his parents are ordinary citizens who prefer to live low-key lives. 

Maigo’s father, Zebedeo, and his mother, Dinah, have not spoken about their son’s murder. 

Time will tell if the parents are concerned for their son and want justice for his murder. 

Eric Maigo’s family mourns his loss and seeks privacy during this challenging moment. 

Eric Maigo Murder Case Update

New revelations have emerged regarding Eric Maigo’s killing. Likewise, he served as the Nairobi Hospital Acting Finance Director. 

Unfortunately, Eric was stabbed to death nearly two weeks back.

Eric Maigo Family and case update
Eric Maigo Family: The Nairobi Hospital Acting Finance Director was stabbed in September 2023. (Source: The Daily Nation)

Sources close to the investigation team hinted that the suspect is believed to be a minor. Likewise, the suspect claimed that she stabbed Maigo in self-defense.

Allegedly, the suspect was a victim of rape. Reportedly, she stated to detectives that Maigo picked her up by the roadside.

Also, the suspect’s mother had been chasing her from her house. Allegedly, the minor had a misunderstanding with her guardian.

The young 16-year-old suspect was put on trial at the Milimani Law Courts. Likewise, she was arraigned before Magistrate Zainabu Abdul on a miscellaneous application filed by Corporal Patrick Boge.

Moreover, the court granted the application. Hence, this allowed the investigation team to detain the accused for 21 days.

The suspect shall undergo age and mental assessment over the said period to establish if she acted alone or under instructions.

The minor was arrested on Tuesday after a Kenyan informed the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and gave credible intelligence. This led to the suspect’s arrest.

Maigo’s body was discovered on 15 September in his bedroom. Moreover, he bore 25 stab wounds. Also, the detectives discovered two kitchen knives and preserved them as evidence. 

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