Elyse Marquis Conjoint Marc Déry Married lIfe And Kids

Elyse Marquis Conjoint

Elyse Marquis Conjoint was Marc Déry as they had a 16-year-long married life and one child before their separation in 2014.

Élyse Marquis, a seasoned Canadian actress, has graced the entertainment industry with her talent for many years.

Born on December 22, 1966, in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, she has carved a notable niche in film, television, and theater.

Her versatile career boasts a diverse array of works, with standout performances in productions like “Les Boys,” “Le Retour,” and “La Galère.”

Beyond her acting prowess, Élyse Marquis has experienced life’s intricacies, including a 16-year marriage to singer Marc Déry, which ended in separation in 2014.

Their union blessed them with a daughter, Alice, who has now reached the age of 19.

Today, Élyse has transitioned into a full-time host on Radio, showcasing her multifaceted talents.

Her contributions extend to voice acting, where she has lent her distinctive voice to various animated films and television series.

Elyse Marquis Conjoint Marc Déry

Elyse Marquis and Marc Déry, a prominent duo in the Canadian entertainment scene, shared a dynamic partnership that garnered significant attention.

Marquis celebrated for her acting prowess, and Marc Déry, a singer known for his association with the band Zébulon, were a power couple in the industry.

Their 16-year marriage symbolized their enduring love, but they parted ways in 2014.

Elyse Marquis Conjoint
Elyse Marquis and Marc Déry are not together anymore. (source: HuffPost)

Their union blessed them with a daughter named Alice, who has since blossomed into a 19-year-old talent.

Alice’s recent role in the TV show District 31 has garnered notable recognition.

Following their separation, Élyse Marquis channeled her energies into her career as a full-time radio host, showcasing her versatile talents.

Meanwhile, Marc Déry continued to thrive in music, releasing solo albums and collaborating with fellow artists.

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Elyse Marquis Married Life

Élyse Marquis and Marc Déry’s married life was a captivating chapter in the Canadian entertainment world.

Their enduring bond, spanning 16 years, was marked by shared passions and personal growth within the industry.

During their time together, Élyse Marquis continued to grace big and small screens with her acting talents.

Elyse Marquis Conjoint
Elyse Marquis with her daughter, Alice. (source: showbizz)

Her appearances in notable productions like “Un gars, une fille” and “Les Aventures” showcased her versatility and contributed to her growing reputation as a respected actress.

In parallel, Marc Déry pursued his musical aspirations with dedication.

As a former member of the band Zébulon and a solo artist, his contributions to the music scene remained notable throughout their marriage.

While their romantic journey took a different turn with their separation in 2014, both Élyse Marquis and Marc Déry remained committed to their respective careers in entertainment.

Elyse Marquis Kids

Élyse Marquis, the accomplished Canadian actress, is the proud mother of one child, her daughter Alice Banks, who has blossomed into a 19-year-old actress gaining significant recognition in the entertainment world.

Alice has recently made her mark in the TV show “District 31” and the acclaimed series “Only Murders in the Building.”

In “Only Murders in the Building,” Alice Banks is a central character, particularly in Season 2.

However, it’s worth noting that her portrayal in the series has garnered mixed reviews from viewers, with some critics suggesting that her character lacks depth and dimension.

Cara Delevingne, the talented actress who brings Alice to life in “Only Murders in the Building,” has described her character as an artist who utilizes her relationships as a source of inspiration for her art.

This creative process often complicates her connections.

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