Drake Bell Net Worth: Bankruptcy & Video Games

Jared Drake Bell, an American actor, singer, songwriter, and musician, has a net worth of $600,000 as of 2024.

He is well known for enactments on the role of Nickelodeon’s The Amanda Show and Drake & Josh.

He was born on June 27, 1986, in Newport Beach, California. In fact, he is also popular as Drake Campana due to his role in Drake & Josh.

Drake started his career in acting at the age of 5 in the early 1990s.

In short, his first appearance was on Television, Home Improvement.

Drake Bell
Drake Bell in His Youth                Source: anetworth.net

In addition, he also played in various commercials as a child.

Likewise, he also enacted in a trilogy of The Fairly Odd Parents movies on Nickelodeon.

Similarly, he provided the voice for Peter Parker/Spider-Man, the animated version of Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD.

Quick Facts

Name Jared Drake Bel
Nick Name Jared Drake Bell, The Drakester, Drake Jared Bell
Born on Jun 27, 1986
Age 38 Years Old
Parents Joe Bell, Robin Dodson
Gender Male
Birth Place Newport Beach, California, U.S.
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.74 m)
Weight 90 kg
Spouse Janet Von Schmeling (married on.2018)​
Profession Actor, Singer, Comedian, Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Television Director, Record Producer, Voice Actor
Nationality American
Alma Mater Orange County School of the Arts (received GED)
Years Active 1999–present
Spouse Janet Von Schmeling (m. 2018)
Siblings Kellie Bell, Travis Bell, Joey Bell, Robert Bell
Horoscope Aries
Kids 1 (Son)
Genres Pop rock, power pop, rockabilly, rock and roll
Labels Nick, Nine Yards, Backhouse, Universal Motown, Drake Bell Entertainment, Inc., and Surfdog DB Records
Associated acts Backhouse Mike, Miranda Cosgrove, Ruby Jane Smith, Brian Setzer, Lil Mama, Aaron Carter
Awards Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite TV Actor, Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Breakout Star – Male, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Net Worth $600 Thousand
Merch Drake Bell Store
Social Media TwitterInstagram IMDB
Last Update July, 2024

Drake Bell Net Worth and Income

Drake Bell’s net worth is $600,000, and he earns it from acting, voice acting, singing, and songwriting.

He has also added some amount to his net worth as a musician.

In brief, he sold 200 copies of the album Ready, Steady, and Go! and earned $2000 in 2014 within a week.

Likewise, in 2007, his house in Los Feliz was valued at $2 050,000.

Similarly, in 2006 he earned $178,000 from the album ‘It’s Only Time.

In addition, Drake and Josh jointly sold $500,000 copies and earned $500,000 in 2005.

Net Worth of Drake Bell in Different Currencies

Let’s look into Kim Kardashian’s net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency BitCoin. 

Currency Net Worth
Euro 508,179
Pound Sterling £ 432,441
Australian Dollar A$ 817,221
Canadian Dollar C$ 754,065
Indian Rupee 44,634,930
BitCoin ฿ 15


In fact, Drake Bell would have more net worth, but he went through bankruptcy problems.

Drake Bell went for bankruptcy protection in California in February 2014.

In short, he claimed around $600 thousand in debt.

Similarly, he claimed his house was worth $1.575 million; however, he owned $1.6 million on the mortgage.

He listed his monthly income at just $2800 and his monthly expenses at $18,771.

Drake also noted that in 2012 he earned $408,000, but in 2013 he earned just $14,000.

Drake Bell Houses and Cars


He owns a foreclosed-upon home, and its price is $1,524,900.

For more information, his house has an area of 2640 square feet.


Drake House
House Owned by Drake and Josh Source:prepona.info

In short, it has three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

To add more it has a beautiful swimming pool from where one can view the city and mountains.


Drake Bells owns 2 Mustangs Car. The details of the Mustang Car have been presented in detail.

Engine Displacement 4951cc engine
Fuel Tank Capacity 60.9L
Braking 4 Disc Brake on 4 wheels
Ground Clearance 137mm
Price $141,204.43 U

Drake Bell Life Style and Vacation

In a 2005 car accident, Bell has severe injuries as his neck was fractured, including Vertebra.

Moreover, his jaws broke, he lost 7 teeth, and he had deep lacerations to his face.

In another case, Bell is a cousin of former San Diego Padres relief pitcher Heath Bell.

His sexual orientation is very controversial.

In fact, he was found involved in the sexual harassment of girls in many cases and was also imprisoned for the same reason.

Following his same habit, his girlfriend Melissa Linga was a victim of his verbal and physical assault in 2000 when they were in a three-year relationship.

Drake Bell Family
Drake Bell Revealing His Son and Wife to the Public Source:londonnewstime.com

However, Bell did not accept the allegations.

He was able to get past his past controversies and finally got married in 2018.

Bell was arrested on December 21, 2015, over speed.

Then, he was fined $20,000. To this end, he has a history of sitting in prison in driving in several cases.


Since 2009, Bell is associated with Thirst Project for safe and clean drinking water.

In fact, he is campaigning for awareness and education through this non-profit organization.

In addition, he is raising funds appealing all through concerts. He was recruited as the face of the campaign by founder Seth Maxwell.

Likewise, he is also associated with the organization, Toys for Tots for charities.

Similarly, he also supported Strawberry Bowl, a charity Rockin A Cure for cystic fibrosis, on April 18, 2015.

Movies, Web Games, Discography & Video Games


He has earned a big name and fame from Movies. His popular movies are  Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Superhero Movie, A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, and Timmy Turner!.

Moreover, movies like Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh, Yours, Mine & Ours, Drake & Josh Go Hollywood, Jerry Maguire, and High Fidelity are equally popular.

Likewise, he has huge fan followers for the movies like The Jack Bull, Rags, The Neon Bible, A Fairly Odd Summer, Unstable Fables: Tortoise vs. Hare, and The Nutty Professor.

In similar ways, movies like A Mouse Tale, L.A. Slasher, Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp, College, and Dragonworld: The Legend Continues were equally celebrated.

Moving ahead, He was also a part of Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload, Drifting School, Jungle Shuffle, Pororo Movie, Perfect Game, I Owe My Life to Corbin Bleu, and Dill Scallion.

Last but not least, movies Chasing Destiny, Sleepaway Camp Reunion, The Fish Tank, Drake & Josh: Vol. 1: Suddenly Brothers, and Dragon World: The Legend Continues have helped him gain equal recognition.

Web Games

He has contributed to few web games in his career.

He appeared in I <3 Vampires in the character of Ian of  “Four’s a Crowd” (Season 2, Episode 6) and also in “I Loved Luci‘ (Season 2, Episode 7) in 2010.

Similarly, he contributed as Jason of BlackBoxTV Presents Jason Episode: “Last Encounter” in 2012.

The same year he appeared on his original character on Kidnapping Drake Bell Himself on YouTube channel Shane Dawson TV.

Moreover, he contributed Spider-Man’s Voice for Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload, a Web film.

Finally, in 2017 he appeared in Peter Gary Sandlittle/Dan Orange’s lead role of Dan is Dead.


The list of discographies attended by Drake Bell is as follows:

-Telegraph (2005)
-It’s Only Time (2006)
-Ready Steady Go! (2014)
-The Lost Album (2020)
-Sesiones En Casa (2020)

Video Games

Drake Bell has contributed to various video games in his career.

His first video game was released on the title ‘Drake and Josh‘ in 2007.

After 6 years, in 2013, he produced another video game ‘Marvel Heroes.’

Next year he voiced for Spider-man in ‘Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes.’

Similarly, in 2015, he produced ‘Disney Infinity.’

And, in 2019, he appeared in the voice of ‘Young master Eraqus’ in the ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ video game.

TV Shows

Despite his net worth of only $600,000, he is popular similar to various millionaires and billionaires worldwide.

In fact, it has been possible because of his engagement in various fields of mass media.

Talking about TV Shows, his popular TV shows are Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Drake & Josh, The Amanda Show, Ultimate Spider-Man, Groovy Moon, and I <3 Vampires.

He has played for more than 100 films and television shows in his career, and it has significantly added to make his $600,000 net worth.

His latest films are- Bad Kids of Crestview Academy, The Blind Girl A Stork’s Journey, American Satan Cover Versions, and The Big Trip.

Likewise, his latest television engagement is- Home and Family Safeword Do or Dare Double Dare Drake Parker The Adventures of Kid Danger The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars Highly Gifted.

Similarly, based on his career, some prominent authors have produced films like Drake Bell & Josh Peck (Kid Stars! (Paper)) Paperback. However, Drake himself has not himself authored any books.


Drake Bell has a very pathetic career. His parents were divorced when he was 5.

Thanks to God, he has was recognized in a television commercial at the age of 5.

The Career Highlight of Drake Bell, in brief, has been presented in this article as follows-

-1991–2003: He played for some Films, attended initial Guitar Lessons, and most interestingly, The Amanda Show was very popular.

Let’s Watch Drake Bell Latest Video Related to Arrest

-2003–2009: In this period, Drake & Josh partnership grew and expanded in acting and music career like in Telegraph, and it’s Only Time

-2010–present: From 2010, he is focused on films, and noted films in this period are A Reminder, Ready Steady Go!, and Honest.

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Drake & Josh, The Amanda Show, Ultimate Spider-Man, Groovy Moon, I <3 Vampire.

3 Facts of Drake Bell

1. Drake Bell has a deep passion for concerts and enjoys live concerts than anything else.

2. At one point, he thought of leaving his acting career and dedicate himself to music.

3. Drake was badly injured in a car accident, and for a couple of months, he took complete rest in 2006. In fact, he went for wiring jaws since the damage was large.

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Are Drake and Josh friends now?

Yes off course Drake Bell and Josh Peck are now friends. Before, they had some misunderstandings, but Dake and Josh apologized in a private setting.

Who is a life partner of Drake?

Janet Von Schmeling is a loving life-partner wife, Drake. In fact, they were married in 2018, and they had a son Adonis.

What is the ethnicity of Drake Bell?

Drake Bell has English, Scottish, and Swedish ancestry. He was found twittering in the Spanish language a few years ago.

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