Dolores Cannon Wikipedia Bio Age Husband And Net Worth

Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon Wikipedia has been the most searched topic on the internet, as people are curious to know more about her. This article will provide you with insights into her age, husband and net worth as well.

Dolores Cannon was a self-published author of 17 non-fiction books and a regressive hypnotherapist from the United States.

Reincarnation and regression Therapy is a form of complementary treatment that operates under the premise that a person’s soul has lived multiple lifetimes.

The late author spent 20 years studying UFOs and used her regression therapy expertise to assist those aliens had abducted.

Moreover, the work of the late hypnotherapist has inspired many, and people now not only want to know more about her professional life but have also shown interest in her personal life.

Dolores Cannon Wikipedia Bio and Age

American author Dolores Cannon also practices hypnosis. She was born in Saint Louis, Missouri, on April 15, 1931.

The late hypnotherapist grew up and lived with her family until 1947, when she finished her academic career.

The late researcher researched hypnosis and UFOs and produced 17 books about her findings, which have been translated into more than 20 other languages.

Dolores Cannon Wikipedia
was a self-published author of 17 non-fiction books and a regressive hypnotherapist. (Source: Rotten Tomatoe)

In addition, the late author’s nearly 50-year career as a hypnotist focusing on past-life regression included an astonishing voyage through innumerable fascinating locations.

Moreover, the late enchantress first learned about reincarnation in 1968, when she and her husband were requested to use hypnosis to assist one of the patients at the navy base in Texas, where a doctor stationed him.

Furthermore, On October 18, 2014, in Fayetteville, a city in northwest Arkansas, the late author passed away at the age of 83.

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Dolores Cannon Husband – Revealed

The marital status of late researcher was married. She was married to her husband, Johnny Cannon. The couple got married in 1951.

Johnny was a military man serving his country. During the American-Vietnam War, he served in the military.

For the next 21 years, the author and her ex-husband traveled extensively to accommodate his numerous overseas assignments.

Dolores Cannon
American author Dolores Cannon also practices hypnosis. (Source: Encyclopedia of Arkansas)

Later, in 1972,  the writer’s husband was injured severely in a vehicle accident and could not reenlist. As a result, he was given an honorable discharge and was classified as a disabled veteran.

In addition, Julia Cannon, a child of the former couple, is currently continuing her mother’s job. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, she raised her family as a regular Navy wife, but in 1968, a series of significant occurrences changed the trajectory of her life irrevocably.

Moreover, the couple had complications in their married life, so they parted ways in 1994.

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Dolores Cannon Net Worth – explored

According to Show Biz Corne, the estimated net worth of the late researcher was estimated at approximately $100,000 to $250,000.

Writing books and providing hypnotherapy therapy were the late writer’s main sources of revenue. One of her sources of revenue is her YouTube channel as well.

Dolores Cannon
The late researcher worked as a hypnotist and author for the next forty years after spending the first twenty of her life as a military wife. (Source: Book Node)

In addition, the late hypnotherapist also made countless radio and television appearances, which added up to her increased net worth.

Moreover, the late author was loved and praised for her work by many people. She attracted a large following, partly because of her numerous speeches abroad and articles written by and about her in numerous international periodicals.

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