Did Lil Mabu Get Expelled? Parents And Family Ethnicity

Lil Mabu Get Expelled

Matthew Peter DeLuca, aka Lil Mabu, is an emerging rapper in New York who rose to fame after releasing his single ‘No Snitching’ in 2022.

Did Lil Mabu get expelled? Delve into the article to learn more about his parents and family’s ethnicity.

DeLuca made his career debut in 2019. Likewise, he gained traction with the release of his song “Miss Me” in 2020.

Additionally, his song “No Snitching,” a collaboration with Dusty Locane, became a hit on TikTok.

On June 30, 2022, he released his debut mixtape, Double M’s.

Besides, Mabu has worked with artists, including Ej Banks, Howiee OO, ZayBinSteppin, DD Osama, Kay Flock, DThang, and Dougie B. 

Lil Mabu is famous for his unique sound that blends hip-hop and trap elements with carefree and upbeat energy. Hence, fans enjoy listening to the rapper’s music. 

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Did Lil Mabu Get Expelled?

Famous rapper Lil Mabu has recently graduated from a private school in Manhattan, Collegiate School. However, numerous questions have been asked about his expulsion. 

Despite the rapper having graduated, he seems to have been expelled several times earlier.

Likewise, Lil Mabu has posted many videos on his YouTube channel revealing that he was expelled due to his songs.

Did Lil Mabu Get Expelled
The rapper shares his graduation picture on social media. (Source: Instagram)

In several of his songs, the rapper dissed his teachers. Hence, this could have been the reason behind Mabu’s expulsion.

Moreover, his songs are related to school; several have been captured in a classroom.

Currently, none of the credible media sources have shared any details regarding the rapper getting expelled.

However, numerous YouTubers and TikTok users have uploaded the video about Lil getting expelled after dissing his teachers.

The topic became apparent: on June 10, the emerging rapper shared a photo of his graduation and wrote, “THEY AIN’T WANT ME TO GRADUATE, BUT I MADE IT HAPPEN!!

Moreover, Lil Mabu shared a clip celebrating his graduation ceremony, and the comment section was loaded with his fans’ best wishes. 

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Lil Mabu Parents And Family Ethnicity

Rapper Lil Mabu was born as Matthew Peter DeLuca, to Peter DeLuna and Jane DeLuna, on April 4, 2005, .

As suggested by records, Peter DeLuca is 71 years old. Reportedly, he has a bit of street cred and occasionally appears in his son’s work. 

Similarly, Mr. DeLuca is a funeral director in Manhattan. However, he was charged in 2006 by his estranged wife, Jane DeLuca.

As per his ex-wife, he allegedly conspired with two discredited Brooklyn judges to defraud her of millions of dollars during their divorce case.

Besides, the rapper has uploaded a short clip on his YouTube channel titled “LIL MABU GETS ADOPTED EMOTIONAL.” The video clip is 18 seconds long, showing the rapper hugging his parents.

In addition, his admirers have shown their emotion in the comment section.

As suggested by several reports, Lil Mabu is a senior at the $60,000-per-year Manhattan prep school Collegiate School.

Also, the drill rapper can visit the Hamptons, where his family owns a 6,182-square-foot lavish mansion in Water Mill. 

Without the assistance of significant music label companies or management, Mabu has built a successful career.

Also, Matthew Deluca has traversed the Atlantic Ocean, seeing stunning islands like the Turks and Caicos resort. 

Lil Mabu Criminal Records revealed

While young rapper Lil Mabu has been associated with a few malicious activities, there are no alarming criminal records against the rapper.

However, his adoptive parents have been entangled in several legal disputes with fellow funeral directors, engaging in territorial conflict over clients and business.

In an incident, the rapper’s father was even punched in the face, reportedly due to his attempts to secure business from a client’s 91-year-old mother.

Initially, the snap of the rapper with a policeman trend sparked concerning his fans, as they began searching for information about his whereabouts.

Did Lil Mabu Get Expelled Records
The rapper posted the picture with police on social media. (Source: Instagram)

But another group of individuals, potentially his haters, became more intrigued by Lil Mabu’s wanted pictures.

For Mabu’s haters, the circulating criminal record picture brought delight as they eagerly anticipated seeing their nemesis behind bars; fortunately, this isn’t the case for this young rapper.

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