Diamond Platnumz Tattoo: How Many Does He Have? Meanings And Designs

Diamond Platnumz Tattoo

Diamond Platnumz tattoo has gained the attention of people, as he is known to have several tattoos with meanings of their own.

“Naseeb Abdul Juma Issack,” aka Diamond Platnumz, is a famous Tanzanian bongo flava singer, songwriter, dancer, and businessman who founded the successful WCB Wasafi Record Label.

With a massive following in East and Central Africa, he became the first African-based musician to reach 900 million YouTube views.

After signing with Universal Music in 2017, Issack released his third studio album, ‘A Boy from Tandale.’ In 2021, his label, WCB Wasafi, entered into a landmark partnership with Warner Music Group.

Through his infectious dance songs and savvy business ventures, Platnumz has become one of the most influential artists and entrepreneurs in African popular music.

The songwriter continues to break new records while growing his music and media ventures across the continent.

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Diamond Platnumz Tattoo: How Many Does He Have?

Given that the Tanzanian singer has inked his body with tattoos all over the term, it often piques people’s interest, leading to searches such as “Diamond Platnumz Tattoo.”

The Tanzanian bongo singer has multiple tattoos covering various parts of his body.

Each ink holds a special meaning related to his career, loved ones, and life philosophy. His tattoos include song lyrics, family names, inspirational messages, and more.

Some of the songwriter’s most notable tattoos include lyrics from his breakout hit “Nenda Kamwambie” on his arm, reminding him of the song that sparked his fame.

Diamond Platnumz Tattoo
Each Diamond Platnumz tattoo has a unique meaning. (Source: Instagram)

He also has his mother’s name inked on his hand, showing his deep devotion to her.

The philanthropist sports a lion tattoo, representing his “Simba” nickname and king status in Tanzanian music.

Other tattoos include “I Believe in God” over his heart and his mother’s birth date in Roman numerals.

Naseeb uses body art to proudly display the people and ideals most precious to him.

Diamond Platnumz Meanings

Each of Diamond’s tattoos carries a special meaning related to his personal and professional lives.

The most important tattoo for the singer is his mother’s name inked on his hand.

The songwriter loves his mother deeply, as she raised him alone and stood by his side through challenging times. Their incredibly strong bond led him to proudly tattoo her name.

Other meaningful tattoos include the letters N, T, N, and D, representing the singer’s real name, Nasib, and his kids’ names, Tiffah, Nillan, and Dylan.

Diamond Platnumz Tattoo
Given their interesting meanings, Diamond Platnumz’s tattoos have always piqued interest. (Source: Instagram)

Drawn inside hearts, this body art demonstrates his love for his children.

Naseeb’s religious chest tattoo shows his devotion to faith, while the black rose symbolizes faded romance.

All his tattoos memorialize major influences and milestones, like his career success, family, and religious beliefs.

Even past relationships have inspired Issack’s tattoos. The body art provides a meaningful map of his life journey.

Diamond Platnumz Designs

Platnumz has a mix of text, portraits, symbols, and abstract designs inked on his skin.

His tattoos include his mother’s name in cursive, song lyrics in block lettering, rose illustrations, and a photorealistic lion head.

He also has Roman numerals and stylized initials inside heart shapes to represent cherished dates and names.

Diamond Platnumz Tattoo
Diamond Platnumz’s tattoos were inspired by his musical career and family ties. (Source: Instagram)

The dancer even briefly had a tattoo of his ex-fiancée, Frida Kajala, that he later covered up post-breakup.

He opts for prominent placements on his arms, hands, and chest to boldly display his meaningful tattoos.

The singer’s tattoos tell a fascinating story about his life, with different pictures permanently inked on his skin.

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