DCI Brian Boyce Wikipedia Bio – Is He Still Alive? Age Wife And Family

Brian Boyce Wikipedia

Everybody wants to know about Brian Boyce Wikipedia as the BBC drama series “The Gold” has created a huge fandom. The role played by Hugh Bonneville as Brian Boyce has left fans wanting to know more about the former police detective.

The six-part series The Gold has kept the viewers hooked after the show recently dropped on the BBC iPlayer as it continues to air on Sunday nights on BBC One.

The shoe keeps getting interesting as the former detective tries to track down the criminals and the gold heist involved in 1983’s Brink’s-Mat robbery.

You can see the real Chief Supt speak about the robbery that occurred at approximately 03:10 in the contemporary Tv documentary. He disples the repeated idea of the robbers expecting currency, not gold.

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DCI Brian Boyce Wikipedia Bio

The former Chief Superintendent was the head of Scotland Yard’s task force. He began his career by working at a merchant bank and later got involved in the Macpherson inquiry and investigated the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

He was remembered as an outspoken critic of the investigation and suggested how it could be affected by racial prejudice.

The former police detective is known for working in the Brink’s-Mat gold robbery, one of the biggest heists of the century in the UK and the world’s history, when the gold worth £ 26 million was stolen from a depot close to Heathrow Airport.

Brian Boyce Wikipedia bio
Real-life detective and movie life is aligned in the same picture. (Source: National World)

As the former police detective arrested the gangster Kenneth Noye for the handling of the stolen gold as he refused to bribe for the con. He served 8 years in prison due to his involvement in the heist.

Following Boyce’s retirement, he volunteered for the Lawrence family as a service from the police force and helped his team to gather evidence legally.

He spoke about the case in 2012, saying, “I think it’s extremely important that all of those who killed Stephen Lawrence should be put before a jury in order that they can come to their conclusions.

It’s extremely important for us as a nation, which is now very much a mixed-race nation that we take on the best traditions of British justice.”

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Is Brian Boyce Still Alive? his age revealed

Now for the question if the former detective is still alive or not. Well, he is alive and doing well in his 80’s.

Actor Bonneville met the real-life figure while preparing for his role in The Gold and said he was just as active as you expect him to be.

Is he still alive and age
Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Boyce Leaves Kennington Road Police Station With John Palmer, Who Is Wanted In Connection With The Brink’s Mat Gold Bullion Robbery. (Source: Shutterstock)

The ex-police detective gave insights into his life in the police force as he discussed working on the Brink’s-Mat robbery case.

Hugh said: “It’s been documented elsewhere that there was a significant amount of corruption in the police throughout the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s – but Boyce was clearly a man who was not going to be corrupted, which is why he was trusted by both the Security Forces and by those high up in the establishment.”

Brian Boyce wife and family

There isn’t much to know about the Boyce family. You should know he is a married man with children and grandchildren. The former Chief Superintendent hasn’t revealed much information about his wife and family to the media.

The detective has all the traits of a British gentleman and a razor-sharp mind, as he could easily see through any crime.

He had a team filled with talented and determined people who successfully helped him solve any kind of crime.

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